Nokia to Stop Selling Mobile Phones From This Year


Nokia has been one of the top mobile selling brands during recent years. But, since, the uprisings of Apple, Samsung and Google in the mobile market Nokia’s sells have been shattered badly. Especially, its new Windows phone’s sales have been dwindling and not up to the expectations they wanted it to be. Due to all this one of the influential magazine, forbes, Nokia backing out its production on cell phones. The magazine states:

“The biggest shocker (and what I suspect will be my most controversial prediction), though, will be the departure of Nokia from the phone business as the company sells its mobile operation and infrastructure divisions to Huawei in order to focus on software and services,”

Furthermore it states:

“With the company’s bet on Windows 8 having failed in the marketplace, it will see Microsoft and Huawei competing for the mobile device division and will eventually sell its smartphone group to Microsoft and the rest of its telecom interests to Huawei.

Although, the prediction from forbes might not come true very soon, but, we also know the fact that Nokia has been struggling really badly to keep its market share especially in the smartphone market where it recorded just over 19 percent market share in the month of September . Adding to this they recorded 7th rank in India n mobile market, which is very low by Nokia’s standards. The sales of Nokia is depending fully on new Asha series, which are somehow successful in gaining some momentum into Nokia’s total sales.

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