NSA’s talking points for friends and family — rebutted

A leaked two-page pamphlet for NSA employees reveals the organization instructed each employee on some key “talking points” to bring up in conversations with friends and family over thanksgiving to rebut many common opinions following Snowden’s leaks.


A PDF copy containing a 2 page memo has been obtained by Firedoglake, and the memo contains talking points for friends and family which were given by NSA to its employees on 22nd November. The memo contains outright falsehood and misleading statistics. Kevin Gosztola has thankfully given time to rebut all the points which the document features. He has also given links to Congressional testimony, significant facts and primary sources.

The document was basically formulated by NSA for rebutting all the statements that have been given by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. The document has urged the employees of NSA to share those points with their families and their friends.

According to the document, the employees are to make the following 5 key points:

  • 1. The mission of NSA carry’s a lot of value for the safety of the nation 
  • 2. NSA carries out its operations activities in a legal and constitutional manner safeguarding the civilians’ privacy and liberties. 
  • 3. The agency performs its missions quite well. We always try to give our very best so that the country can be kept safe and protected in this dangerous world. 
  • 4. The people that are working for NSA are all loyal Americans and they are ready to make any sacrifices to protecting the people and for safeguarding the freedom of the people. 
  • 5. The agency is committed towards increasing its transparency for the public and for implementing any changes that are required to be brought by our workers.


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