NullCrew Hacks Time Warner For Supporting Copyright Alert System, leaves gorilla cartoon deface image


World renowned online hackavist NullCrew has defaced Time Warner for supporting  Copyright Alert System (CAS), leaving the site with a cartoon gorilla deface page. 

The hack was announced by the group on their official Twitter account with a message explaining why the hack was done.

We hacked Time Warner Cable, due to them attempting to participate in the six strikes.

DailyDot reports that “Six strikes” is a common nickname for the CAS, a new system designed to inform users up to six times that they’re pirating copyrighted files. It’s drawn particular ire for the fifth and sixth alert, which tend to hamper users’ service. For Time Warner users, that means having their browser “locked”—it’s unclear exactly how that will work—until they call the company to have a chat about copyright.

Link of targeted domain: 

Mirror of hacked domain:

The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a private system for alerting and punishing internet subscribing customers of AT&T, Cablevision, Time Warner, Verizon and Comcast in regards to accusations of bittorrent use via their home networks to access alleged copyrighted material from a list of specific entertainment corporations and their CAS registered content. It is limited to customers of those internet vendors in the United States.

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