Why NYPD is asking Users to Update iPads and iPhones to iOS 7?

The New York Police Department has issued a statement in which users have been asked to update their iPad and iPhone devices from old versions to newly released iOS 7.

NYPD was found distributing handouts allover the city, urging Apple users to update their software to iOS 7 for its new ‘Activation Lock’ security feature.

Below given image was posted by World Bank’s Jim Rosenberg, showing NYPD’s requesting users for an update.


So what’s going on? why NYPD is so eager for iPad and iPhone users to update software to latest? Is it the NSA using local law enforcement authority to trick people into an update and use a 0day vulnerability to steal more personal data?

Well according to the NYPD, New York city is facing massive increase in mobile device snatching, especially the Apple products are favorite targets for robbers. Hence to avoid such incidents, NYPD is educating people about Apple’s latest Activation Lock feature in iOS.

Activation Lock feature is a newly added security feature in Apple devices that keeps phone snatchers from activating your iPhone on any carrier, reprogramming it, or otherwise without your Apple ID and password.

Check some tweets posted by New Yorkers on NYPD’s activities.



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