Official Toshiba Turkey Website Hacked & Defaced by redMin


A hacker going with the handle of redMin has hacked and defaced the official website of Toshiba Corporation a Japanese multinational engineering and electronics corporation.

The hacker who seems to be from Turkey left a deface page along with a message in Turkish language on hacked Toshiba website; however, the reason or targeting the site was not mentioned anywhere.

According to the deface message (Translated in English language):

Hacked by redMin! There is no enemy in international relations, there are all competing.. Contact me [email protected].. Greeting to ByGoLg3 – FataLKing – ihs4n – bL00dMaSTeR – Knex – BySWaT – redMin – Logic.

Link of targeted website:

Mirror of hacked website:

RedMin’s Zone-h stat shows that he has been hacking government websites from all over the world, especially from Turkey and China.

At the time of publishing this article, the website of Toshiba electronics was restored and working online.

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