#Op Myanmar: Mongolian Police Official Website Hacked and Defaced by ViruS Noir

The official website of Mongolian Police website has been hacked and defaced by Virus Noir from Moroccan Agent Secret for #Op Myanmar.

#Op Myanmar-virus-noir-mongolian-police-website-hacked

The hacker who contacted me via email told that reason for hacking the site is to boast moroal for #Op Myanmar, test his skills and have some fun. Virus Noir left his deface page along with a simple message on the index page of website according to which “Virù$ Noir..#Op Myanmar..You have been hacked”.

It is unclear if the hacker has acquired any sensitive or personal data of police officers.

Link of hacked websitehttp://www.police.gov.mn/

Mirror of hacked website


Virù$ Noir has been hacking Israeli and Spanish website in past, this is the first time when Moroccan hacker has attacked high profile Mongolian website. 

At the time of publishing this article, the website was displaying under construction message.

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