#OpBigBrother: Anonymous Hacks New Zealand’s MultiTrade Technology Website

The online hackavist group Anonymous has hacked and defaced the MultiTrade technology site for their ongoing operation #OpBigBrother.


The hackers left their deface page and a message on the hacked website, explaining the reason for defacing and warning to the technology companies specializing in surveillance products and services.

According to the deface message:

Message to Companies involved in surveillance technologies..We are Anonymous…You have specialized yourself in activities that plan to ensure surveillance services to major compagnies and governments.We know unfair governments fear us, we also know they still think they are able to stop us.They are about to use technology to design networks of surveillance all over the planet and use hidden networks to keep their secrets out of hands. They made those systems based on nodes to protect theirselves from Anonymous attacks and to shutdown every form of protest that uprose those years on both the Internet and real life.

Complete deface message is available on Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/qJM3CbBc

Link of Hacked website: http://www.multitrade.co.nz/

At the time of publishing this article, site was hacked and displaying deface page left by Anonymous hackers.

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