#OpUSA: 700 Websites Hacked by AnonGhost Team

The AnonGhost Team has contributed in the Operation USA by hacking and defaced more then 700 websites from all around the world.

All sites are left with different deface pages along with messages against the governments of the world, criticizing their role in ongoing wars and unrest.

The list of hacked sites mostly include high profile government websites from Australia, Ministry of environment Dominica, government of Argentina, Philippines, NGOs,  universities and other educational institutions from Thailand  Brazil, Russia, Israel, USA, Canada, UK, Romania, and Italy.

Links and mirrors of all hacked sites are available on Pastebin.

This is not the first time when AnonGhost Team has hacked such a large amount of websites, in past the team has been hacking thousands of websites with in a day.

At the time of publishing this article, some sites were suspended, some were offline and most were restored and working online.

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