Pakistan Telecommunication Limited Website Hacked… Again!!

In past I’ve been writing on how Pakistani websites have been terribly vulnerable to hackers, proving that fact the official website of Pakistan telecommunication limited was hacked again for the second time. 


In past the PTCL was hacked by a Pakistani hacker CyberHax0rs, this time its the same CyberHax0rs to hack the website for second time. However, no damage was done to the database of the site, he only inserted a page on root directory of the PTCL server, the hacked link can be viewed here: . 

The hacker left a deface message on the hacked site. According to the message:

No Offense But PTCL should take their website serious. We are Not Gonna leak any database from it.

CyberHax0rs Team: Sho0ter, Net_Spy,N3t.Cracker,khanisgr8,xenon,Xpired

This shows the pathetic and poor security skills of Pakistani web administrators, who have been failed to patch the vulnerability after getting hacked several times. PTCL is Pakistan’s biggest internet and land line providing company, it has contracts with the government and within the military. Imagine the damage if hackers bypass the so called security on the server and hack confidential information.

At the time of publishing this article, the website was restored and working online as the deface page was successfully removed from the main page. Well..At least the admin is skilled enough to restore the website! 

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