Philippines’ Maritime Industry Authority Website hacked by Teamr00t

As we had mentioned before how the government of Philippine is under cyber-attacks after passing the cybercrime prevention law 2012, the government websites are getting hacked every now and then.

Same happened today as the official website of Philippines’ Department of Transportation and Communications Maritime Industry Authority got hacked and successfully defaced by Teamr00t .

The hackers of Teamr00t  left their deface page along with a message explaining the purpose of the hack, after reading the message it doesn’t look like if the site was hacked against the cybercrime prevention law 2012.

The hackers urged the governments of the world to provide complete rights and benefit to their citizens, hear their voices and accept their demands. This hack looks similar to the hacks done by online hacktivist group Anonymous hackers.

However, the flag that was left by the Teamr00t  belongs to Palestine, which means that hackers are supporters of the state of Palestine.

According to the deface message left by the hackers:

To the governments of the world, it is time you listened and acted upon what would benefit and help the people of your countries! It is now time for you to start listening to the voices of your nation and deal with the problems that are occurring every single day. You were elected and made promises to your people that you must keep. We declare our rights on this earth to be human beings, to be respected as human beings, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.” Malcolm X Your corrupted ways, greed, love for money and fame need to stop! 

Your excuses to go to war, all for their oil are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Your people have the right to have their voices heard and you the government must listen to your nation. You cannot arrest, torture and lock up citizens, if you do not agree with their views, but must listen and act upon them. Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and your people must be allowed this freedom. Stop, listen and take action that will help benefit your nation!”Teamr00t Has Arrived!!! We are the voice for the suppressed people of the world, and we will show you the truth!”

Link of the hacked website:

The hackers also warned on the site that they will be back soon, ”We WILL BE BACK AGAIN! ‘STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE!’ Teamr00t  was here, This Hack is dedicated to All the people fighting for the cause” according to the message left by the hackers.

It seems that government of Philippine will keep on facing the tough time against it’s latest cyber law act of 2012, this is not the first time when a government owned domain is hacked, in last couple of week, the website of Philippine National Police, website of Agusan Del Sur province, the website of Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewage System (MWSS) and several other websites were hacked and taken down against the cyber crime law.

At the time of writing this article, the website was still hacked and displaying the deface page left by the hackers. 


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