Police Dogs Trained To Sniff Out Hard Drives Coming For Pedophiles

After using malware on pedophiles, law enforcement authorities in the United States have decided to add Hard-Drive Sniffing Dogs in their units who will search and find hidden hard-drives from suspects.

Police dogs are known for helping their counterparts to identify contraband — The sniffing dogs can find hidden cash, drugs, and bombs, but now your hard drives are also on their list.

In 2014, it was reported that one of the police dogs named Thoreau has been trained to sniff out electronic storage devices such as iPads, thumb drives, hard drives and memory cards.

Another police dog named Bear also assisted the Indiana police department to find a hard drive at Jared Fogle’s place containing pictures and clips of child pornography.

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Keeping these incidents in mind, the Montgomery County Crimestoppers, Houston, Texas have decided to add another dog with the capability of sniffing hard drives to bust people having child abuse or terrorism-related content.

The police dog goes by the name of Brody aka porn dog, who can search and find iPads, thumb drives, hard drives and memory cards of all sizes.

Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable Ryan Gable, whose department is receiving the animal next month told KHOU that,

“We have found that there have been storage devices in safes under the slab of somebody’s home, they hide it very well” 

Adding dogs like Brody to the unit will be a huge help for police in identifying memory drives which were impossible to find before. However, this is bad news for pedophiles. So if you are a pedophile and reading this get ready for Brody to sniff out your hidden hard drives.

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