Researcher Claims To Jailbreak PS4, Posts FS Dump, PIDs Online

Sony’s Play Station 4 is one of the world’s most popular and most selling gaming consoles with more than 10 million users. In a recent press release, Sony showed its figures.

In two years, Sony has shipped more than 30 million consoles which are nearly double the sale figure of their competitor Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Almost all these users are waiting for its Jailbreak which was very obvious to happen in the near future. So the wait is over. Good news for all the Play Station 4 users. Hackers have found out a way of jailbreaking Sony’s Play Station 4. On 12th December 2015 a hacker named CTurt confirmed jailbreak on his PS4 and announced in a Tweet that:

Gaming consoles with custom firmware that come soon after a successful jailbreak are hard to achieve but aren’t completely rare. The previous gaming consoles of both Sony and Microsoft were also jailbroken. CTurt successfully broke into the kernel threads of the console through Wider Hacker and Modding Community and has also shown his gratitude to them.

Though, this jailbreak has not been confirmed nor has no working proof yet but CTurt has been seen in such activities before as well and has proved himself a real tech-geek. He formerly has released web-kit exploits for an older version of PS4 SDK. This exploit only works with old PS4 with maximum firmware version 1.76.

The hacker also said before patching RAM that he has successfully dumped the RAM from other processes like SceShellUI using PTrace.

In a tweet posted 1hour ago, the hacker is showing off PS4 Kernel exploit tease on Github:

Jailbreaking is just like a gaming world piracy and the console manufacturers have banned the jailbroken consoles from online gaming as a step to control this piracy but failed to stop game piracy. However, the regular updates by console manufacturers with patched firmware versions nullify the means to a jailbreak.


Previously, Sony was able to slightly stop the practice of jailbreak in PlayStation 3 but still there are jailbroken PS3 available with many users. Anyhow, PS4 console owners are sure to stay updated regarding the Jailbreak process whereas Sony would now certainly be operational on a firmware update to nullify the jailbreak.

Stay tuned for a proof of concept from the hacker’s side.


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