Press News UK Breached, 665 Login Credentials leaked by JokerCracker

The JokerCracker hacker has hit another site, this time has breached into the site of Press News UK ( and leaked 600+ login account information of admin, staff and daily users.


The breach was announced by the hacker himself on his official Twitter account, while the data was left for pubic on Pastebin. However, the hacker did not defaced the site.

According to the message on Pastebin, the reason for breaching the site was a personal challenge.

  1. Reason of Hacking: It’s just a personal challenge
  2. Leaked data available on:

After analyzing the data, I have found usernames, emails and plain text passwords of staff and daily users. While two of the accounts belong to the admin of Press News UK site with encrypted passwords.

The News Press UK is published byDanny Lockwood, who is also the publisher of Rugby League newspaper League Weekly and a former Gt Britain (BARLA) international rugby league player. He is also the owner and Managing Director of The Press Newspaper, a weekly regional newspaper based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

JokerCracker is the same person who breached into the website of National University of Bangladesh leaking 15,000 login information and Proximus Security Website leaking credentials of 20,000 users.

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