• Sensitive Data of 130K+ US Navy Sailors Stolen Due to One Hacked Laptop

    Hackers and cyber criminals are gradually upping their game. After exposing exclusive personal information of millions of users through massive data breaches of popular social media platforms and other websites, now these notorious criminals are eyeing high-profile government institutions. And, they are succeeding at that as well. The current occurrence is a clear proof that […]

  • AdultFriendFinder Network Hacked; 412 Million User Accounts Exposed

    Adult Friend Finder has been hacked again — This time, 412 million accounts have been stolen and exposed. This can easily be termed as the biggest and largest data breach and hacking feat of 2016. In the latest data breach, all adult websites owned by Friend Finder Inc. have been hacked leading to exposure of […]

  • Hackers Leak Crucial Data From 7 Indian Missions

    The data belongs to Indian Missions in Africa and Europe — Hackers claim they leaked the data because site admins didn’t respond to security alerts.  Hackers using the alias Kapustkiy and Kasimierz posted on twitter that they have managed to access the official websites of the Indian missions in countries including South Africa, Libya, Malawi, Mali, Italy, Switzerland and Romania. Also Read: Unicef India […]

  • Cisco’s Mobile Careers Site Exposed Job Seekers Data

    Cisco has issued a security advisory stating that a portion of data belonging to its job seekers was discovered online by an independent security researcher. Cisco has warned aspiring applicants to beware of a mobile site data leak and be cautious while applying through its Professional Careers Mobile site. The company has emailed the users of […]

  • Anonymous Hacks Milwaukee’s Charitable Bradley Foundation Network

    Anonymous is claiming to have hacked the Charitable Bradley Foundation Network and leak confidential details about American presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — Experts believe it’s a phony hack. The Milwaukee-based charitable foundation has been hacked by the notorious hacker collective Anonymous. The credit for this hack has been taken by famous “Anonymous Global” group by […]

  • US Voter Data Leaked Again; This Time Multiple States are Involved

    Just like American election 2016 the voters’ data has also become a joke. Voters in any country want their personal voting data to remain private and confidential, especially if you are living in the United States, where voting systems are supposed to be highly advanced and reliable. But unfortunately, voters in the United States are […]

  • Red Cross Data Leak; Personal Data of 550,000 Blood Donors Stolen

    Australia Blood Donors data has been stolen — It is Australia’s largest security breach ever. Lately, the International Red Cross has been surrounded by controversy but in the latest, the organization has suffered a massive leak in which personal details of 550,000 blood donors in Australia have been stolen. The organization has acknowledged the hack […]

  • Ukrainian Hackers Expose 2,337 Emails from Putin’s Most Trusted Advisor

    Ukrainian Hackers Expose Over Two Thousand Emails from Putin’s Most Trusted Advisor — Investigation reveals that many of the emails are authentic. Russian president Vladimir Putin is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently a database containing around 2,337 emails from one of the main and high-ranking advisors of Putin was released online. […]

  • Hacked: 43M Weebly and 22M FourSquare accounts stolen

    Weebly has confirmed the data breach whilst FourSquare disputes the findings claiming they were not hacked. The data breach notification LeakedSource has revealed that the web design platform Weebly and FourSquare, a local search-and-discovery service mobile app suffered a data breach. As a result, 43,430,316 Weebly and 22,534,984 FourSquare users accounts were stolen. Also Read: Online Ad […]

  • Evony Gaming Company Website Hacked; 33M Gamer Accounts Stolen

    Evony gaming company had its website and forum breached and as a result 33 million of its gamers had their accounts stolen. In June 2016, the official website of Evony gaming company suffered a massive data breach in which 33,407,472 of its registered user accounts were stolen. Things couldn’t go worse when in August 2016, the […]

  • Unsecured MongoDB Database: 58M Business Firm Accounts Leaked

    Unsecure Database Leads to Exploitation of Personal Details of 58M Users of in-house data management firm Modern Business Solutions. The famous database hosting and data storage services provider firm Modern Business Solutions (MBS) has been attacked by an unknown hacker who has managed to steal the company’s MongoDB database from its servers. Reportedly, the reason […]

  • Amazon Sends Password Reset Email after Discovering Login Data Online

    Amazon password reset email states that a list of login credentials was found posted online — Although, it is unclear how many accounts were found but if you are an Amazon customer simply change your password now. Amazon, the electronic commerce giant is sending emails to its registered customers urging them to change their passwords […]

  • Dating Site’s Database with 1.5 Million Users Found Online

    Dating sites are the best platforms for cyber criminals to steal data but why hack when data itself is available for the public. The Security Research Center at MackKeeper discovered an unprotected and poorly configured database of New Zealand-based company C&Z Tech Limited. They run cheating and dating websites such as ”haveafling.mobi, haveafling.co.nz, haveanaffair.co.nz, haveanaffair.mobi and hookupdating.mobi.” It is unclear how […]

  • Guccifer 2.0 Claims Hacking Clinton Foundation, Leaking Donor Databases

    Hacker Claims Hacking Clinton Foundation and Exposes Donor Databases and Pay to Play Folder — Experts believe it’s a phony hack. You may know that the notorious hacker Guccifer 2.0 was responsible for the DNC and DNCC hack attacks, which resulted in the resignation of Debbie Wasserman Shultz. But what you may not know is that […]

  • Remember 68 Million Hacked Dropbox Data? It’s available for free download

    68 Million Hacked Dropbox Accounts were hacked in 2012, leaked in 2016 and went for sale on the darknet last month — Now, the data is available for free download. The online storage platform Dropbox suffered a massive blow back in August when the company learned that over 60 million of its user accounts got […]

  • Hacking, Trading Forum w0rm.ws Hacked; Exploit Kits, Database Leaked

    Worm.ws was hacked earlier today where Peace of Mind hacking group leaked its database online for anyone to download. A group of popular darknet hackers going by the handle of Peace_of_Mind have hacked and defaced the official website of w0rm.ws, an ‘invite only’ hacking and trading forum that sells stolen data and exploits to buyers. […]

  • SIMS Game Custom Content Site Hacked; 118K Accounts Leaked

    The targeted site is called NewSeaSims and provides custom content for SIMS2 and SIMS3 video games. A hacker going by the handle of “Websites Hunter” who was previously found leaking personal details of Kuwait Automotive Imports Company’s customers is back with another hack. This time, he has breached a website that offers custom content for Sims video […]

  • DarkNet Hackers ‘DarkOverlord’ Hack WestPark Capital Bank for Ransom

    The DarkOverlord hackers who were previously active on the darknet marketplaces have now hacked WestPark Capital investment bank and demanded ransom or else data will be leaked. Recently, a Californian investment bank, WestPark Capital came under a threat when it realized that a group of hackers has infiltrated their database. The hackers go by the name […]

  • Voters’ Database of 2.9 Million State of Louisiana Natives Leaked Online

    2.9 Million voters’ data means the entire State of Louisiana — It shows how vulnerable the US cyber infrastructure is. In June 2016 HackRead exclusively reported about a hacker who was selling a quarter Million State of Louisiana drivers’ licence database on the Darknet. Now, a security researcher has discovered a publicly available database named ‘lavoter’ containing voters’ […]