Are You Ready for Firewall Protection for Your Car?

The Internet-connected cars will require firewall protection and some companies are already providing it

The Internet has invaded most of the things in our world and its scope is broadening day by day. This time, it is our vehicles that will be receiving a digital boost.

The reason is that cars are already being connected to the internet and the smart technology has made them capable of driving themselves so it is understandable that we will need to make them protected. Otherwise, the Chrysler exploit and subsequent warning from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made it clear that our internet-friendly cars are extremely vulnerable to hacking.

Thus, cars will be having their personalized anti-virus software and this will soon be a reality since companies have started churning out such software already. Karamba Security is one such firm that has created technology that will develop firewall for your ride.

Karamba has come up with technology that can protect the vehicles’ Electronic Control Units (ECUs). It is designed to collaborate with the external devices through Wi-Fi, USB ports and Bluetooth and can also block the acceptance of unauthorized code by your car. This will potentially reduce the threat of your car being controlled by a hacker.

Karamba’s product can alert manufacturers if it identifies a “dropper” code. This code can be used later on to install malware on the ECU.

Gif Source: Karamba Security

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Karamba is an Israeli firm that aims at persuading manufacturers to embed this technology into cars that are already sold as well as in those that are under production. This project of Karamba has received $2.5million as seed funding already.

It is true that users have started considering firewalls and anti-viruses a thing of the past especially when we have advanced versions of operating systems Windows and OS X that is quite a secure-by-default. However, drivers might be interested in making their new vehicles secure and protected from unknown, malicious hackers through firewalls. This will prevent the likeliness of accidents due to the exploitation at the hands of hackers or cars getting out of control after receiving malware.

So, we can assume that this new technology will definitely take the protection of vehicles to a whole new level. What do you think?

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