RingGo, ParkMobile Owner EasyPark Suffers Data Breach, User Data Stolen

ParkMobile, a globally-used parking app, is the same platform that suffered a massive data breach in 2021 when hackers leaked the data of 21 million customers.

The latest data breach has affected EasyPark Group’s customers in Europe, including the United Kingdom, and relevant authorities have been notified.

A data breach has compromised the information of thousands of EasyPark Group customers in Europe. EasyPark Group, Europe’s largest parking app operator, which includes RingGo and ParkMobile, discovered the breach on December 10th, 2023, and promptly informed the affected customers.

The company reported the cyber attack to regulatory authorities, including the EU’s privacy regulator, Sweden’s Information Commissioner’s Office, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, and the Swiss data regulator.

It is worth noting that the ParkMobile app, a free parking app in Atlanta, GA, has been targeted by cyberattacks before. In March 2021, as reported by Hackread.com, a vulnerability in third-party software led to a data breach in which hackers leaked over 21 million customers’ records online, including email addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, and hashed passwords.

Some high-profile individuals whose data was leaked in the breach included Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs was also among those affected by the breach.

In the latest data breach, the cyber attack reportedly resulted in the theft of customer data, including names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and credit card numbers. The breach involved “a few digits of IBAN or credit card numbers,” but no combination could be used for payments, the company noted while suggesting users be cautious of phishing scams.

EasyPark Group noted that its ParkMobile app, boasting 50 million users in the US, is unaffected whereas RingGo app users have been affected since some of its services were linked with the EasyPark technology.

The company did not disclose the number of affected users, but according to its spokesperson, most are located in Europe whereas 950 RingGo app users in the UK could be affected. So far, hackers haven’t made ransom demands and there’s no evidence of the hacked data being exploited or leaked.

Emails and text messages have been sent to affected customers. Note: The email has been translated from Dutch to English using an AI translator. (Screenshot credit: Hackread.com)

The latest EasyPark data breach highlights the increasing data security threat to parking services and customers worldwide. The fact that users have no option but to link their personal details and financial data with these platforms constantly puts their privacy and security at risk of being compromised.

Team Hackread.com is monitoring prominent cybercrime and hacker forums for potential data leaks. If EasyPark Group’s data surfaces on any of these forums, we will update this article. Stay tuned.

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