Samsung Introduces Galaxy S III mini: Awesomeness of Smartphone

Samsung has added another dimension to their galaxy range of smartphones with a new pocket size, 4.0 inched Galaxy S III mini. It’s a perfect smartphone for the people who want to have something powerful in their pockets.

The design of the phone is a nature-inspired one and is really good looking. At the launch of this little dynamic the direct of Samsung gulf communication said:

“The award winning Galaxy S III has been extremely popular and well received globally as well as locally. Hence, we are thrilled to offer our customers the same revolutionary design, intuitive usability and intelligence in a compact version with our Samsung Galaxy S III mini,”

“We are committed to satisfying a wide variety of our users’ needs by offering a comprehensive range of devices that provide extraordinary mobile experiences,”

The phone is powered by updated Android 4.1, which is powered by Jelly Bean software. Galaxy III mini posses all the elegant designs that the Samsung Galaxy S III possess, it’s ultra-minimal curved screen gives looks really natural which is inspired by it’s natural home screen, wallpaper and ringtones.

The phone contains wonderful 4.0 Amoled screen which allows it’s users to watch web content and multimedia stuff with extreme clarity. The phone also provides a powerful grip to it’s users which allows consumers to use the phone even with one hand and that is too with ease.

The phone is designed with interactive technology directly from the home of Samsung. The S Voice technology allows to unlock the phone with simple commands through your own natural voice or your favorite song.

A lucrative feature of this phone is that the back light of the screen doesn’t goes down until you are looking at the phone the camera of the phone always tracks your movement. The direct call feature allows you to directly call your friend by just lifting your phone to the ear, while you are read SMS. Smart alert feature sends you a message whenever you are away from the phone and you have missed a call. 

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