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  • Public Bug Bounty Program from Tor Project Offering up to $4000 for Vulnerability

    Tor Public Bug Bounty Program: Earn Up To $4000

    There is some excellent news for researchers and white hat hackers out there. On Thursday the popular anonymity network Tor project launched its public bug bounty program. This program will help researchers earn thousands of dollars since up to $4000 are being offered for finding out vulnerabilities. The program has been launched on the HackerOne […]

  • Fake Adobe Flash Player App Infects Android Devices with Banking Malware

    Fake Adobe Flash Player App Infects Android Devices with Banking Malware

    IT security researchers at Russia based Dr. Web cyber security firm have discovered a fake Adobe Flash Player infected with BankingBot malware known for stealing banking and personal data of Android users. “BankingBot” was first spotted in April 2008 but about three months ago it was found infecting over 400 apps on Google Play Store. Once it infects […]

  • WikiLeaks release Documents on CIA Uses 5 Different Malware

    WikiLeaks Release Documents on How CIA Uses 5 Different Malware

    WikiLeaks has released a trove of data belong to the American intelligence agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) – The latest batch shows how CIA uses five different malware to target unsuspecting users.  These malware are called HammerLoss, Regin, HTTPBrowser, NfLog, and Gamker – The documents also show how CIA used Raytheon Blackbird Technologies, a contractor for the […]

  • Your Old Phone Number Can Be Used To Hack Facebook Account

    We all know that in most cases, Facebook users are required to submit their phone number while registering with the social network. This is how they can link their phone with the profile so that when a user forgets the password, they can prove his authenticity and receive a new password on their smartphone. However, […]

  • Watch Out For Latest Bank of America Phishing Scam

    Beware: New Bank of America Phishing Scam Stealing Card Data

    Exclusive: The Bank of America is the 2nd largest bank in the United States by assets which makes it a lucrative target for cyber criminals. Today, HackRead has identified a phishing scam targeting the Bank of America customers. Cyber criminals are sending emails to unsuspecting users pretending to be representatives of the Bank of America. […]

  • Remotely Controllable Hoverboards Latest Target of Hackers

    Without a doubt, hoverboards are the latest fad. Hoverboards are indeed very useful as these aren’t only easy to use but make traveling so much fun. The recent trend of trying to make every device internet connected has not spared hoverboards; they even come with rider applications.  The app allows the user to perform cool […]

  • Dark Web’ AlphaBay and Hansa Marketplaces Seized by Feds

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Europol and Dutch National Police have seized two of the most popular Dark Web marketplaces including AlphaBay and Hansa. According to Europol, “the infrastructure of an underground criminal economy responsible for the trading of over 350 000 illicit commodities including drugs, firearms and cybercrime malware.” AlphaBay Marketplace […]

  • Hackers Steal $32 Million in Ethereum From 3 Multisig Wallets

    If you have stored funds at Parity Technologies, a smart contract coding firm, multi-signature wallet then it is the right time to move them to normal wallets. Parity has issued security alert of “critical” nature to make customers aware of an exploitable vulnerability in its multi-signature wallet software.  Reportedly, the vulnerability has been identified in […]

  • Ransomware attack on KQED TV, Radio Station wiped out pre-recorded segments

    Internet connected devices are the current rage among businesses and corporations alike. However, the various, far-reaching drawbacks associated with connecting every system and machinery with the Internet are being continually ignored by organizations. KQED, a prominent public TV and radio station in San Francisco, is an example that shows how badly a corporation suffers when […]

  • How Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Can Prevent E-commerce Chargebacks

    How Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode Can Prevent E-commerce Chargebacks

    If e-commerce had seven dirty words, chargeback (a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction) would definitely be one of them. A chargeback is what happens when a credit card customer disputes a and your e-commerce store is forced to refund the transaction. […]

  • Ships Can Be Hacked By Exploiting VSAT Communication Systems

    Ships Can Be Hacked By Exploiting VSAT Communication System

    Satellite antenna systems are not spared from vulnerabilities and are quite prone to cyber-attacks, which makes devices and machinery from which these systems are connected to potential targets of hackers. Until now we believed that ships sailing far away in the ocean are safe from the reach of cyber-criminals but latest research proves that even […]

  • Watch: Man's smartphone reboots every time he calls 911

    Watch: Man’s smartphone reboots every time he calls 911

    A Redditor going by the handle of /Seattle_Horn (Nick Morrelli) from Seattle, United States posted that whenever he dials the emergency telephone number 911 his Android based OnePlus 5 (OP5) smartphone reboots itself for no apparent reason. In his Reddit post, Morrelli wrote that “I had to dial 911 on my OP5 yesterday (saw a building on fire […]

  • Hackers Can Breach Burglar Alarm System with $142 Device

    YARD Stick One on the surface is a harmless device, but it could help thieves and burglars in their malicious activities. It is a hand-held USB stick easily available at Amazon and can substantially help in deactivating wireless burglar alarm systems. Priced at just $142 (£109), this gadget is going to increase problems for users […]

  • FedEx: It is still suffering the aftermath of Petya attack

    FedEx, a US based globally operating delivery firm, states that customers associated with its subsidiary company TNT Express are continually facing issues. TNT Express is FedEx’s international express transportation division that also manages freight and small package shipping/delivery. The firm is at the receiving end of multiple system failures till date due to Petya attack […]

  • CoinDash’ Token Sale Site Hacked; $7 Million Ethereum Stolen

    CoinDash (ISO), an Israeli cryptocurrency social trading start-up has announced that it has suffered a massive security breach in which the company’s crowdfunding page was hacked during Token Sale event earlier today — As a result, unknown hackers stole Ethereum worth $7 million. The incident took place when hackers breached the CoinDash’s website and replaced the official Ethereum address […]

  • Fake WhatsApp Subscription Email Stealing Banking Data

    It is not uncommon for scammers to send phishing emails that trick the users into downloading a malicious link or simply open an attachment that will automatically launch a virus to infect the computer. However, sometimes, scammers are much less sophisticated and simply play on a user’s lack of knowledge regarding a few things. WhatsApp […]

  • GhostCtrl Android Malware Records Audio, Video and Spies on Users

    GhostCtrl Android Malware Records Audio, Video and Spies on Users

    Perhaps it is not so surprising to see powerful malware now being created to target Android devices. Researchers at Trend Micro recently discovered yet another malicious software that infects Android devices and ends up stealing pretty much anything for the attacker. GhstCtrl The new malware goes by the name of GhostCtrl (a variant of OmniRAT) […]

  • You can buy password stealing malware 'Ovidiy Stealer' for $7

    You can buy password stealing malware ‘Ovidiy Stealer’ for $7

    Researchers at Proofpoint recently discovered a mass-marketed malware called Ovidiy stealer whose main purpose is to steal passwords from victims. It is the first of its kind as it is being sold online at a low price which is between $7 to $13. A simple yet threatening malware It is not common to hear malware […]

  • Gandi hosting’ logins breached; 751 domains diverted to malware site

    Gandi SAS, a French web hosting company has announced that it suffered a security breach after hackers got hold of the valid login details to one of the company’s technical providers who manage a number of geographic TLDs. The hackers were then able to divert traffic for over 751 domains to a malicious website. Gandi had issued an […]