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  • Beware; Sophisticated Phishing Attacks Using Unicode Characters

    Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers are known for their tight security measures, yet they are often targeted by malicious actors because of the fact that these are the most used browsers worldwide. As a result of the tight security measures, hackers have come up with a new technique to target users with a highly […]

  • Google: “Google Hire” Won’t Share Browsing History with Employers

    Google is known to be in the spotlight for its success mostly, but this wasn’t the case last night. Yesterday, some prominent media outlets including Daily Mail, RT, and an Australian news site reported that Google would share search history of the users with potential employers under a new project “Google hire.” What is Google […]

  • How a man’ life was ruined due to a typo in IP address by Police

    You probably remember Amazon’s engineer who’s typo messed up the entire AWS (Amazon Web Service). But what happened in the United Kingdom ruined a man’s life. The man in question is Mr. Nigel Lang, a UK resident who in 2011 got arrested at his home because, according to the police, he was a suspect for keeping child pornographic content […]

  • Chinese Video Service Giant Youku Hacked; 100M Accounts Sold on Dark Web

    A few months ago we exclusively reported on a Dark Web vendor selling 1 Billion user accounts stolen from the Chinese Internet giants. Now, another vendor going by the handle of CosmicDark is selling a database containing 100,759,591 user accounts stolen from of Youku Inc., a popular video service in China. The database according to […]

  • Cars with Vulnerable WIFI Dongle can be Hacked via Bluetooth

    We have already seen a massive growth in the connected-car technology market over the past few years, and it is going to increase further more. But there are underlying threats hanging on the connected-car technology‘s users which if exploited can allow hackers to remotely shut down a targeted car. These threats were revealed by a […]

  • New Leak from Shadow Brokers Show NSA targeted Windows and Banks

    Shadow brokers, a hacking group famous for its cyber shenanigans has strike back again. Earlier yesterday, the group dumped online, a huge list of hacking tools and techniques used by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to target Global banking system and Windows users around the world. The Million Dollar List According to several security […]

  • Hackers using leaked hacking tools to target Governments

    Thanks to ex-NSA spy, Edward Snowden, we all know that Governments use several hacking tools and malware to spy on public and most of the times they get away with that, but here is a plot twist. A group of hackers called “Calisto” exploited a malware previously used by the Italian surveillance firm, Hacking Team, […]

  • Your AGA ovens can be hacked; turned on and off remotely because IoT

    It is a fact that Internet of Things (IoT) devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks. From smart cars to CCTV system or smart TV to sockets can be taken over by cyber criminals and use for malicious purposes. Now, it’s time to add new models of AGA ovens to the list since they are operated […]

  • Attackers can guess our passcode “just from the way we tilt our phone”

    Just yesterday we reported that fingerprint scanner on smartphones can be bypassed with the help of a new technique called MasterPrint. Now, hackers have developed a new way to figure out your smartphone’s passcode. You might be thinking that they can do this by using sophisticated methods or tools, but no! This is where you […]

  • Hackers Cloning Popular Android Apps to Infect Users with Malware

    The IT security researchers at Palo Alto Network have discovered new samples of the Adware-family “Ewind” have been discovered by security researchers. As if earlier versions of the Adware weren’t good enough, hackers have made some lethal modifications in the new samples, and it is looking even more dangerous than before. Researchers believe that the […]

  • New tech allows researchers to bypass fingerprint scanner on smartphone

    It’s a common perception that we’re kind of safe by setting up fingerprints scanners on our smartphones. After all, what are the chances that someone in the world has the same fingerprint, and will try to break into our smartphones, right? Well, things are about to change after the researchers from Michigan State University, and […]

  • FBI Kills Kelihos Botnet after Russian Hacker Arrested in Spain

    Earlier this week, Spanish authorities arrested a Russian hacker and “one of the world’s most notorious criminal spammers,” Peter Yuryevich Levashov (Severa) in Spain. Now, the Feds are working on dismantling Kelihos botnet used by Severa to conduct his large-scale cyber crimes. According to a press release from Department of Justice, an extensive effort to disrupt and dismantle the Kelihos […]

  • This Ransomware tells users to play a popular Japanese game – That’s all

    You might have heard countless tales of hackers using malicious ransomware forcing users to pay huge amounts of money but not today. Today, we bring you a unique kind of ransomware which forces its victims to make a high score of at least 200 million points in popular Japanese video game TH12. According to Malware […]

  • Hackers are Exploiting New Microsoft Office Vulnerability to Drop Malware

    Researchers have detected a new zero-day bug which uses a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Word. The bug allows attackers to send malicious document files to users and hackers have started sending out emails with fake Word documents which when downloaded and opened, start working in the background on downloading different kinds of malware and therefore spread […]

  • Emergency Siren system hacked

    Someone hacked every single tornado emergency siren in Dallas

    You might know about hacking websites, traffic signboards or radio stations. But now, it’s time to add tornado emergency siren on the target list. Yes, someone hacked every single tornado emergency siren (156 ) in Dallas, TX on Friday night which sounded something like this: Ever wonder what the end of the world feels like? #dallas #sirens […]

  • Hackers Leak Passwords to NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” against Trump’s Policies

    You may remember Shadow Brokers hacking group for selling a trove of hacking tools and exploits stolen from the NSA’s Equation Group last year. Although three months ago the group announced about quitting its operation since they failed to find a buyer for listings the group is back in the news and this time for leaking […]

  • GamingSport

    Gaming giant GameStop’ website hacked; credit card data stolen

    Earlier today, the Video game giant GameStop confirmed that their official website was compromised and hackers might have been able to steal user’s credentials including credit cards information and other customer data. According to GameStop, an investigation is already underway aiming at what went wrong. “GameStop recently received notification from a third party that it […]

  • Forget Mirai, IoT Devices are being Destroyed by Brickerbot Attacks

    A new wave of cyber attacks was discovered by researchers, and this time, the targets are badly secured routers and other Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. In these attacks, hacked bots are scanning the Internet in search of Linux-based routers and similar devices that aren’t properly protected. Every device that can be connected to the Internet comes […]

  • Fake News Site Targeting Android, Windows Users with Malware Scam

    A group of hackers is performing highly sophisticated cyber-attacks against high-profile organizations of Middle East – Cyber security firms Palo Alto Networks and ClearSky conducted a joint research on these attacks and found that the hackers were using several techniques on both Android and Windows operating systems used by officials at these organizations. Research conducted by […]