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  • ProtonMail Launches Free ProtonVPN to Fight Online Censorship

    On the 20th of June 2017, the Swiss-based security company, Proton Technologies AG, released its final version of ProtonVPN, open for public use and free to access. Proton Technologies AG has also been the pioneer of developing an encrypted email service called Proton Mail. The development The development of the VPN service took around one […]

  • Honda hit by WannaCry ransomware attack; shuts down plant

    The WannaCry incident is indeed going to be remembered in history as one of the most devastating and dreadful ransomware attacks. Not only did it affect the victims shortly after its release, but its self-spreading mechanism is still causing havoc. In the latest report, it has been revealed the ransomware has attacked a Honda plant […]

  • Netflix’ Orange Is the New Black Season was Stolen Using Windows Flaw

    In April this year, DarkOverLord a Dark Web hacking group stole and held season 5 of popular TV show Orange Is the New Black (which was yet-to-be-released at that time ) to ransom but ended up leaking it on the Internet after failed negotiations with Netflix and Hollywood-based Larson Studios. Now, details have emerged highlighting […]

  • URL Padding: Facebook Mobile Users Hit by Phishing Scam

    We have read stories regarding how email is heavily used for phishing scams by sending out fake emails that eventually lead the user into clicking a malicious link. We have grown so used to the fact that now, we seem to think email is the primary way to attack for spammers. However, here you will see […]

  • Erebus Ransomware: Hosting Firm Pays Hackers $1m Ransom

    Almost four days ago, HackRead reported that a new version of ransomware called Erebus has affected more than 153-Linux based networks and has targeted one South Korean web hosting company, NAYANA in particular. The ransomware caused a massive data infiltration whereby various multimedia files, databases, and other critical network-level information were encrypted. The attackers demanded a […]

  • 200 Million US Citizens Got Their Personal Data Exposed

    A marketing firm that was employed by the Republican National Committee accidentally exposed data belonging to 200 million US citizens. That is around 62% of the entire population of the US. The exposed data includes information like home addresses, political views, phone numbers and even birthdays. All of it is available publicly – The said data was […]

  • Your anti-virus may remove this malware but it will still remain active

    In 2007, IT security researchers at McAfee Labs discovered a malware called Pinkslipbot or Qakbot/QBot targeting banking users in the United States. Now, researchers have noticed that since 2016, a new variant of this malware (also known as Pinkslipbot) with its credential stealing and keylogging capabilities has been using millions of computers as its control servers even if its binaries were […]

  • Pervert arrested for taking candid photos of women, posting on Twitter

    The authorities in Calgary, Alberta have arrested a 42-year-old who took photos of random women without their consent. He would then post those pictures on his Twitter account that had over 17,000 followers. The account was named ‘Canada Creep,’ and it existed for over a year. The man operating it, Jeffrey Robert Williamson of Calgary, […]

  • Google is having a hard time getting rid of malicious Android apps

    The IT security researchers at SophosLabs have discovered that Google Play Store currently has as many as 47 apps that contain adware and are being downloaded at an alarmingly fast pace – This is quite troubling as the adware contained in these apps is quite persistent and does not seem to go away no matter […]

  • Disruptive Ransomware Group ‘FIN10’ Hacked Casinos, Mining Firms

    The FireEye cyber security firm has discovered that a number of Canadian mines and casinos were hacked by a group named FIN10 whose location has not yet been identified – FireEye labels FIN10 to be “one of the most disruptive threat actors observed in the region.” Sensitive data and information were stolen: As part of the campaign, […]

  • Hackers can exploit E-Cigarettes to hack computers

    The manufacturers of Electronic cigarette highlight the benefits to letting you lead a stress-free and healthy life, what they certainly do not highlight was that the device could be used for malware distribution as well. It’s amazing what hackers can do these days. When it comes to malware, they prefer sending malicious attachments in an email but times have changed and […]

  • Hundreds of Malicious Android Apps Masked as Anti-virus Software

    With the recent surge in ransomware attacks, it is no surprise to see that attackers have capitalized on the opportunity and played on people’s fears by offering them Android anti-virus apps that are, in reality, another malware. The hunt for anti-virus apps It goes without saying then, that given the dangers and prevalence of ransomware, […]

  • Erebus Ransomware Targets Linux Servers

    The IT security researchers at Trend Micro recently discovered malware that has the potential to infect Linux-based servers. The malware, called Erebus, has been responsible for hijacking 153 Linux-based networks of a South Korean web-hosting company called NAYANA. NAYANA’s clients affected Erebus is a ransomware capable of infecting Linux operating systems. As such, around 3,400 […]

  • Cherry Blossom: WikiLeaks’ Latest Dump Exposes CIA Wireless Hacking Tools

    The whistleblowing site WikiLeaks is back with yet another Vault 7 series related document. This one is called “Cherry Blossom” program which gives a glance at the wireless hacking capabilities of The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The Cherry Blossom project according to the leaked documents was allegedly developed and implemented by the CIA with the […]

  • University College London hit by a major ransomware attack

    One of the world’s leading educational institution University College London (UCL) has come under a massive ransomware attack. According to reports, the attack affected the university’s IT system including student management system and shared drives. The ransomware attack came weeks after the country’s National Health Service (NHS) had its IT system crippled by WannaCry ransomware attack. Although […]

  • Hackers Using Chinese Malware to Rob ATMs Using Outdated Windows XP

    As technology progresses, it seems that hackers and hacking methods do too. It wasn’t that long ago when hackers had to steal your credit card info or your bank card itself to get the money out of your account. Now they don’t have to since the ATMs are just giving away money as soon as […]

  • Millions of Android users left vulnerable due to Samsung’s ignorance

    After Samsung had failed to renew the domain of one of their pre-installed apps, millions of users were left open to malware attacks. The app S Suggest that was part of the older Samsung smartphones is still active on millions of devices. Its purpose was to help users by suggesting which other popular apps they […]

  • Europol arrest 6 over malware crypter and counter anti-virus platform

    Authorities have conducted a large-scale operation against cyber criminals in several European countries. As a result, 6 people have been arrested while 36 have been questioned after Europol, Germany’s Kriminalinspektion Mayen, the Joint Cybercrime Action Taskforce (J-CAT) and Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) raided 20 houses in Cyprus, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom between 5th […]

  • A Dark Web service claims to track any phone and read text messages

    Experts who understand how phone networks work as well as what their vulnerabilities are have warned about its dangers for years. However, it would seem that the attacks they feared were even more common than previously believed. Telecoms have been using a private Signaling System Number 7 (SS7) network that has been vulnerable to cyber attacks. Now, […]