Silent Surveillance: Spyware ‘Hiding’ Under Firefox Products

Fireforx has accused Gamma international for using its name in one of the online products by the name of Finfisher. Finfisher is surveillance software used by the government to trap data. This software is installed without any prior information to the user. This software is shown as a firefox update to the user and user gets into the trap, but, this update is only shown to the target users only.

Due to this firefox accused of using their name illegally  they have till now sent a number emails regarding this to Gamma international, but, they haven’t responded yet. Although  according to a research the server of this surveillance software are still found to be active in more or less 36 countries.

BBC in 2011 had found documents related to this software. A Hampshire-based firm gave an offer to the Egyptian government to have this software on 5-month trial period through which they can have access to emails and encrypted skype calls of their targeted users. But, Gamma international denied the all this.

Mozilla has now issued a final warning letter to Gamma international to stop using its name illegally as this might affect their brand image. Mozilla in this context says that:

  • “Our brand and trademarks are used by the spyware as a method to avoid detection and deletion,” said Mozilla chief privacy officer Alex Fowler in a statement.

  • “As an open source project trusted by hundreds of millions of people around the world, defending Mozilla’s trademarks from this abuse is vital to our brand, mission and continued success.”

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