Stalker Online data breach: Over 1.2m player records sold on dark web

The records are now up for sale on the dark web putting millions of Stalker Online players’ security at risk.

The popular multiplayer online gaming platform Stalker Online has reportedly suffered a data breach in which the unknown hackers managed to steal over 1.2 million user records. 

The records are now up for sale on the dark web putting millions of Stalker Online players’ security at risk. Another database containing over 136,000 records stolen from the game forums are also being sold on different hacking forums.

The data breach was carried out at a massive scale leading to compromising private data of an alarmingly high number of old and new players that have made accounts on Stalker Online for playing the game.

The data includes sensitive details like usernames, MD5 hashed and salted passwords, email IDs, contact numbers, and IP addresses. 

The database was discovered on May 5 on a popular hacking forum. A link that redirected to a defaced page on the gaming website was part of the database as proof that Stalker Online’s servers had been hacked and the data is legit.

Image: Cyber News

However, just a defaced page cannot be considered valid proof, which is why according to CyberNews, who purchased the database from hackers, the data was ‘genuine’ and email IDs were ‘deliverable.’

Image: Cyber News

Reportedly, the database is being sold for Bitcoins worth several hundred Euros and has a total of 1,289,084 Stalker Online user records. 

Moreover, CyberNews claims it got the database removed from the dark web marketplace after contacting its hosting company. However, it is bound to show up on another eCommerce platform if only anyone hasn’t purchased it already. 

It is recommended that you change your passwords immediately if you were reusing the same password for accessing different services. 

The most concerning aspect is that the data is being sold on the dark web hacking forums, which is the hub of cybercriminals. Using the data, hackers can spam users and launch phishing attacks. 

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