#EscortsOffline Campaign Gains Steam – Stolen Data From 79 Escort Websites

A hacker has exposed and stolen data from 79 escort websites and some adult websites from different parts of the world. The hacker says he targets escort websites that contain pornographic images.

The #EscortsOffline twitter handle first released a list of 71 escort websites on December 27 and then released the names of another 8 websites of the same nature on December 28. The hacker, of Moroccan nationality, has identified himself as ‘ElSurveillance’ and has been working on attacking escort and adult websites since last summer. The names of websites that have been released under the twitter handle #EscortsOffline have both individual models and agencies as their owners and operators.


‘ElSurveillance’ chose DataBreaches.net as the website for bringing himself to the attention of the common populace. The hacker has defaced many adult portals, with drjizz.com being his biggest target as of now. The complete list of the websites he has defaced is available on ‘ElSurveillance’s Zone-H profile.

He gave an interview with DataBreaches.net, in which he identified the reason for his campaign against escort and adult websites as religious. When asked to elaborate on his reason for carrying out the attacks, he said that escort websites are a means which people use to sell their bodies and therefore, defile them. He said that Allah gives us a body which we are to sanctify and nurture and not to use as a commodity and destroy.

Screenshot of the surveillance tool used by hacker

He also said that many escort websites on the internet are fake and fraudulent, which are a front for recording people’s personal information as well as stealing their money. Many a times such is the case that the owners do not even know that their photographs are used to construct fake profiles.


In order to discourage such people from causing harm to people’s lives, ‘ElSurveillance’ says that he decided to use his hacking skills and bring them to the notice of everyone. He even hopes that other hackers of the world would join his cause sooner rather than later.

The activity of ‘ElSurveillance’ is not just limited to defacing escort and adult websites, for he has also stolen user account data from such websites. His biggest target, drjizz.com, is said to house 20,000 accounts, but the Moroccan hacker has accepted stealing data of no less than 30,000 accounts. The reason behind this, as he says, is to scare people from accessing such websites and use their services by creating accounts with them.


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