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  • Milkydoor: A malware which can turn an Android phone into hacking device

    Hackers have developed a highly sophisticated malware named “Milkydoor” which can turn any infected Android phone into a hacking tool. Trend Micro, a security firm, revealed on Thursday the discovery of a new malware “Milkydoor” which can be used by hackers to access the networks the phone is connected to, and steal data from it. Businesses in […]

  • Tons of Apps on Google Play Store Infected with BankBot Malware

    A new Malware has been spotted in the wild targeting Google Play Store apps. The malware has been dubbed as “BankBot” by security researchers rand was first spotted in April 2008. So far at least 400 Google Play Store apps have been compromised. The origin of BankBot: According to the security experts at Securify, the malware seems to […]

  • Hackers Cloning Popular Android Apps to Infect Users with Malware

    The IT security researchers at Palo Alto Network have discovered new samples of the Adware-family “Ewind” have been discovered by security researchers. As if earlier versions of the Adware weren’t good enough, hackers have made some lethal modifications in the new samples, and it is looking even more dangerous than before. Researchers believe that the […]

  • Android Version of Sophisticated Pegasus Spyware Discovered

    Pegasus is a smartphone spyware developed by the Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group; it is believed to be one of the most dangerous spyware that has been developed so far. It was found attacking iPhone devices in August 2016. Pegasus uses three iOS system’s zero-day vulnerabilities, which at that time were not identified. Now, Google and […]

  • New Android ransomware proves why antivirus software are a joke

    A new ransomware app has been spotted in the wild, which could easily bypass your mobile anti-virus allowing the app to lock your device. As per reports, the app is currently targeting Russian users, and so far hundreds of Android users have been victimized. Cyber-security firm Zscaler first spotted the vicious code in the app […]

  • Android Forums hacked; password reset notice issued

    Android Forums, a popular platform for Android users, has announced that its servers were accessed by a third-party resulting in a data breach. In a security notice, the website administrator wrote that 40 members of the forum (2.5 percent) who registered between registered in 2016 and 2017 had their accounts compromised. Around 50% of the […]

  • Beware; 36 Android Devices Shipped with Preinstalled Malware

    Android devices have remained the center of attraction for malicious cyber criminals since forever. Not only do they churn out fake, infected apps one after another but also devise ways to exploit Android devices. The reason is quite evident; since Android devices are among the most commonly preferred mobile phone choices, therefore, cyber-criminals attack them […]

  • Google Patched Hundreds of Android Security Flaws in March Update

    Google is busy in updating its Android OS with the third and probably the largest security patch update that the company will be releasing this year. March 2017 Android update offer fixes for around 105 security vulnerabilities. This marks a whopping increment in the number of identified security flaws since when Google released a patch […]

  • Hundreds of Android Apps on Google Play Store Infected with Windows Malware

    Android apps have always remained an easy target of exploitation primarily because of the high number of Android users across the globe. In the latest research analysis from security firm Palo Alto Networks, it was revealed that around 132 Android apps on Google Play store contain malicious coding. This could be due to the use of infected computers by […]

  • Android Banking Trojan Marcher Infects Devices to Steal Payment Cards

    Cyber-security researchers at Securify, a Dutch security firm, have been evaluating the Marcher Android banking Trojan for the past six months. They have come to the conclusion that Marcher has been there since 2013 and its attacking tactics have been evolving since then. Until now, the Trojan has managed to infect thousands of Android devices […]

  • Fake Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook Android Apps Contain SpyNote RAT

    Cyber criminals prefer targeting Android devices due to its open-source model which means the source code is freely available for anyone to see and use. Lately, there has been an increase in third party apps for Android users but these apps come with a hefty price. Recently, the IT Security researchers at Zscaler identified some fake […]

  • 38% of Android VPN Apps on Google Play Store Plagued with Malware

    Downloading an application means that you are allowing the software open access to your mobile phone and all the data that is stored on it. Many a time, these applications are used for spying purposes by an individual or state-sponsored group of hackers. The criticism received by ZTE and Huawei for collecting and sending data to China shows how these […]

  • Malicious “Charger Ransomware” App Discovered on Google Play Store

    CheckPoint, a renowned security firm, has discovered that at least one app on Google Play Store is infected with Charger Malware. Charger malware is technically ransomware because the app managed to steal contacts and messages/SMS data from the infected device and then gains admin permissions to lock the device so that victim cannot use it. […]

  • HummingWhale Malware infected Android Apps Downloaded Millions of Times

    CheckPoint security firm has detected a presence of the notorious HummingWhale malware in 20 Android apps, which are quite commonly used by Android users since these have been downloaded millions of times (approx. 2 to 12 million). According to the analysis of CheckPoint, back in 2016, there was a version of HummingWhale malware called HummingBad that […]

  • New Malware Poses as Android Client to Infect Wi-Fi Networks and Hijack DNS

    Android users are always at the target of malicious threat actors. Now, there is a new Android-based Trojan discovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers known as Switcher Trojan because of its ability to firstly infect the device’s Wi-Fi routers and then switch users of that infected network to various infected sites. This means, the Trojan doesn’t directly […]

  • LG Smart TV Screen Bricked After Android Ransomware Infection

    A ransomware infecting a Television should not be surprising for the readers since security researchers have already identified Android-based TV sets are vulnerable to such attacks, but the below-mentioned incident is somewhat brutal. About two days ago a Twitter user going by the handle of @DarrenCauthon shared a picture with the public showing that an LG smart TV […]

  • Android-compatible Google Daydream VR Controller Hacked to Run on iOS

    Genius researcher Ups the Game for Social Engineers by Getting Android-compatible Google Daydream VR Controller to run on the Incompatible iOS Platform. Conducting data breach is old school skill now- hacking a gadget and making it run on an incompatible platform is the real deal. Infecting a system and carrying out hack attacks is no […]

  • Beware: Android Super Mario Run is Actually Malware; Don’t Download It

    Super Mario game is loved by all, elders, adults and young ones alike. The game has been released on iOS but not on Android OS, yet. Android device owners have been waiting anxiously for the game to be released so that they could enjoy it while on the go. We do know that android users […]