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  • Beware: Android Super Mario Run is Actually Malware; Don’t Download It

    Super Mario game is loved by all, elders, adults and young ones alike. The game has been released on iOS but not on Android OS, yet. Android device owners have been waiting anxiously for the game to be released so that they could enjoy it while on the go. We do know that android users […]

  • Tordow Banking Trojan – A Grave Threat for Android Users

    Just a couple of weeks ago we reported about “Gooligan” attack affecting millions of Android devices worldwide. Now, Comodo Threat Research Labs have identified a new malware Tordow v2.0 which is the first mobile banking Trojan created specifically for Android devices affecting users in Russia. It has become a serious threat for Android users because […]

  • Low-cost Android Smartphones Shipped with Malicious Firmware

    Security researchers at Dr.Web, a Russia-based antivirus developer firm, have identified various cheap Android brands are being shipped with a malware in their firmware that lets cybercriminals secretly collects data and performs a variety of other irritating steps such as showing different ads on the activated applications and downloading unrequired APK files on the infected device. It […]

  • You can Download Music, Videos, Webpages and View them Offline with Chrome 55 for Android

    Google always bring exciting products and features. Recently, the Internet giant announced that next Google Chrome update for PC will make it consume less RAM. The company also added alerts against visiting malicious sites, fake play, close, download buttons and misleading ads to tackle spam. Now, after making YouTube and GoogleMaps accessible in offline mode the official […]

  • Chinese Android Smartphones Sending Data to China through Secret Software

    A mobile security firm Kryptowire has discovered that Thousands of China made low-priced Android phones contain malicious software that are sending users’ personal data back to China. China-made smartphones are so much in demand especially the Android phones manufactured by firms like ZTE and Huawei. Android phones are always the preferred choice of over 80% smartphone […]

  • WindTalker Attack Leaks User Data Using Smartphone’s WiFi Signals

    Researchers have identified an attack known as WindTalker that leaks password, PINs and keystrokes using your smartphone’s WiFi signals. In a combined research conducted by researchers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, the University of Massachusetts at Boston and University of South Florida, it has been identified that our smartphones’ Wi-Fi signals can expose critically important private […]

  • Over 300k Android Devices Infected with Banking Trojan

    Banking Trojans usually look for and exploit unidentified or overlooked vulnerabilities in web browsers. That’s because web browsers let these trojans infect a larger number of devices by expanding their exposure across the globe. The same has happened in this particular case where an Android banking Trojan codenamed as Svpeng used Chrome browser’s vulnerability to […]

  • Fake Android Flash Player App Malware Targeting Banks, Social Media

    A new Android banking Trojan has surfaced and gripped the entire banking industry across the US and Europe by appearing as a Flash Player App. The Trojan has already targeted the customers of around 94 major banking and financial apps in US and Europe including Santander, Coinbase, American Express, PayPal, Deutsche Bank, Credit Karma and […]

  • Hackers Earn $215,000 for Hacking Nexus 6P, iPhone 6S

    Tencent Keen Security Lab Team Hackers Win $215,000 for Infecting a Fully Updated and Patched Nexus 6P. Challenging White Hat Hackers through competitions and bounties for identifying potentially harmful security flaws in latest or upcoming devices is currently the hot trend in the digital world. It is rather interesting to let security teams work hard and […]

  • Millions of Android Devices Vulnerable to DRAMMER Attack

    DRAMMER, a dangerous threat to Android Devices — Google has awarded the researchers $4000 for identifying the bug but it will take a while for to get rid of it. IT security researchers from the University of Amsterdam have discovered a security flaw in the memory chip design used in Android Devices. The flaw allows […]

  • New Android Malware Asks for Selfies; Steals Credit Card Details

    Your Selfie can Land You In Great Trouble — Researchers Discover New Malware that Asks for User’s Selfie to Carry Out Identity Theft. Researchers at McAfee Labs’ Mobile Research department have discovered a very powerful Android trojan that exploits the selfie mania that has taken the world by storm. Taking advantage of the victim’s innocence and using advanced security […]

  • New Lockscreen Ransomware Targeting Android Devices

    Symantec Security Claims Android Lockscreen Ransomware Using Pseudorandom Passcode to Ensure Victim Pays the Ransom. Android Lockscreen ransomware has been around for quite some time now but the new version of these is far more powerful and resilient. Previously the ransomware used to lock the screen using a hardcoded passcode but experts were able to […]

  • 7 Easy Tips to Strong Android Security Against Hacks

    Android is one of the most vulnerable operating systems for smartphones — Here are some easy tips to protect your Android devices from hackers. In the old days, people used to carry laptops around for multitasking and to use the internet. But things have changed since then people use smartphone and tablets in their everyday […]

  • SpyNote Trojan (RAT); Yet Another Bad News for Android Users

    SpyNote RAT was found leaked on a dark net forum — The researchers have warned about downloading Android apps from a third-party site to avoid this RAT infecting your device. Hackers love targeting Android devices due to its open source model and Google’s weak bouncer system that lets malicious apps pass by on the official Play […]

  • After iOS, Opera’s Free VPN App is Available for Android Devices

    Opera’s free VPN app for Android users comes with security tools and it’s free. Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an essential tool for Internet users to keep their privacy well maintained. Some VPNs come with a price while some for free and of course most users will choose free stuff because who wants to spend […]

  • Scammers Used Google AdSense to Drop Malware on Android Devices

    Google AdSense targeted by Malware mimicking as Login Pages of Popular Websites and Apps Keystroke logging malware has become the most dangerous threat for security firms and users alike. It is a malware that has the ability to sneak into a system and steal usernames and passwords. Previously this threat was limited to laptops and […]

  • After Linux, TCP Exploit Expandable to 80% of Android Devices

    A couple of days ago researchers exposed a Linux flaw allowing hackers to hijack Internet traffic — Now it’s been discovered that the flaw also affects 80% of Android devices! The university of California, Riverside researchers along with the US Army Research Lab has recently announced the presence of a TCP vulnerability in Linux based […]

  • Critical Security Flaws in Android Devices Affecting Millions of Users

    An IT security firm CheckPoint has discovered a set of critical security flaws in several Android devices affecting 900 million users worldwide. Dubbed QuadRooter by the research team, these security flaws can provide an attacker full access to any smartphone that is built using Qualcomm chipsets. Currently, Qualcomm processors are being used in 900 million Android devices. Qualcomm is the world’s […]

  • Beware of Fake Android Prisma Apps Running Phishing, Malware Scam

    Beware of fake Prisma photo editing app on Android store targeting users with phishing and malware scam! Prisma app for Android users was launched about a week ago, since then it has become one of the most used photo editing apps but with fame comes haters (just like when hackers added (Fake Pokémon Go app on Android store […]