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  • Gmail Phishing Scam Stealing Credentials Through Infected Attachment

    Malicious threat actors are using exclusively designed URLs to deceive users into providing their Gmail credentials. This latest phishing campaign, discovered by security experts, utilizes a very effective phishing attack that can trick even the most alerted users and tech-savvy people. The campaign involves sending infected messages to the contacts from an already infected computer. […]

  • Android-compatible Google Daydream VR Controller Hacked to Run on iOS

    Genius researcher Ups the Game for Social Engineers by Getting Android-compatible Google Daydream VR Controller to run on the Incompatible iOS Platform. Conducting data breach is old school skill now- hacking a gadget and making it run on an incompatible platform is the real deal. Infecting a system and carrying out hack attacks is no […]

  • Beware: Android Super Mario Run is Actually Malware; Don’t Download It

    Super Mario game is loved by all, elders, adults and young ones alike. The game has been released on iOS but not on Android OS, yet. Android device owners have been waiting anxiously for the game to be released so that they could enjoy it while on the go. We do know that android users […]

  • You can Download Music, Videos, Webpages and View them Offline with Chrome 55 for Android

    Google always bring exciting products and features. Recently, the Internet giant announced that next Google Chrome update for PC will make it consume less RAM. The company also added alerts against visiting malicious sites, fake play, close, download buttons and misleading ads to tackle spam. Now, after making YouTube and GoogleMaps accessible in offline mode the official […]

  • Gooligan Attack on Android: Millions of Google Accounts Compromised

    Android is undoubtedly one of the most vulnerable operating systems for smartphones with hackers developing new Android malware every 17 seconds. To prove the point researchers have exposed a malware campaign known as “Gooligan” that has been targeting Android users and so far has breached more than 1 million Google accounts of users around the […]

  • Hacker finds flaw in Gmail allowing anyone to hack any email account

    Pakistani Student and a White Hat hacker Discovered a Vulnerability in Gmail’s Verification process that Allowed Hijacking of any email Account. It is a well-known fact that Google loves to give novice programmers, white hat hackers and security researchers an opportunity to prove their skills and capabilities by participating in Google’s Vulnerability Reward program. Also […]

  • Hackers Earn $215,000 for Hacking Nexus 6P, iPhone 6S

    Tencent Keen Security Lab Team Hackers Win $215,000 for Infecting a Fully Updated and Patched Nexus 6P. Challenging White Hat Hackers through competitions and bounties for identifying potentially harmful security flaws in latest or upcoming devices is currently the hot trend in the digital world. It is rather interesting to let security teams work hard and […]

  • The next Google Chrome update will make it consume less RAM

    Google Chrome’s next update will make the browser consume less RAM than it usually does. We all know and we all use the all-great Google Chrome. What we also know that as web technologies become more advanced day by day, the burden on our not so advanced RAMs becomes greater and greater. To address this issue […]

  • SpyNote Trojan (RAT); Yet Another Bad News for Android Users

    SpyNote RAT was found leaked on a dark net forum — The researchers have warned about downloading Android apps from a third-party site to avoid this RAT infecting your device. Hackers love targeting Android devices due to its open source model and Google’s weak bouncer system that lets malicious apps pass by on the official Play […]

  • Google Says ‘a bug’ removed West Bank and Gaza from the map

    Palestine on GoogleMaps never existed — However, ‘West Bank’ and ‘Gaza from the map were recently removed due to a“software bug.” Over the past week, there has been a lot of buzz on social media about Google removing Palestine from Google Maps – Truth is that Palestine was never even on Google Map since the beginning […]

  • Fake Pokémon Go app contains RAT; takes full control of infected device

    Alert for Pokémon Go app users on Android — Cyber criminals have uploaded a fake copy of Pokémon Go gaming app which is actually infected with RAT that has a unique capability of taking over the smartphone! The new Pokémon Go app was recently released for iOS and Android devices but who could have predicted that […]

  • Good Bye Passwords as Google Plans a Different Verification Option

    Android users will be able to log in to services using a combination of their face, typing patterns and how they move! Google has channeled efforts to provide Android apps users a much reliable and easier substitute to the ever-so-complicated logins and passwords with Trust API. Trust API is a new and novel feature that […]

  • Government Spy Truck Guided As Google Street View Car on the Prowl in Philadelphia

    In a modern technology case of do not judge a book by its cover, a Philadelphia police surveillance van designed as a Google Maps car has been on the move in the city all this time. To people without knowledge the van, which is parked and hidden in the shadows of the Philadelphia Convention Center […]

  • Google marks itself as potentially dangerous website to visit

    Has Google Admitted that it is a source of Malware? — Yes indeed! 😂 has become a potent source of malware infections. This hasn’t been claimed by any security expert or security firm but by Google itself. “Some pages on contain deceptive content right now,” this was the status that we encountered when […]

  • What happens when Google Maps go wrong? Wrong House Gets Demolished

    Demolition Company sabotages Wrong House, Employee Faults Google Maps A Texas-based demolition firm Billy “L Nabors Demolition” mistakenly damaged the wrong duplex house in Rowlett, and later blamed Google Maps for incorrect address information. As WFAA-TV reports, the company was permitted to demolish 7601 and 7603 Cousteau Drive, a tornado-damaged duplex in Rowlett, Texas. However, […]

  • Google Removes SmeshApp Allegedly Used by Pakistan’ ISI to Spy on Indian military

    Google has removed SmeshApp from PlayStore on the allegations that the app is a tool used by Pakistan’s ISI to spy on Indian military personnel The rivalry between India and Pakistan is known to the whole world with militaries of both countries at war for several times after getting independence from the Brits — Now the tools […]

  • Google increases bug bounty reward for Chromebook to $100,000

    Google bug bounty program will now pay you more than you can image – So get ready! Since launching its bugs bounty program in 2010, Google has paid over $6 million to security researchers who have been finding bugs. The company still wants to appreciate the investigators and they have shown it by making two […]

  • Chrome to Alert Users on Fake Play, Close, Download Buttons and Misleading Ads

    Bad news for those website owners who trick their readers/users into clicking on fake ads and tricky downloads — Google Chrome is coming to get you for good. In December 2015, Google started supporting Safe Browsing technology, which was introduced to block those websites that were famous spots for phishing and social engineering attacks. While […]

  • Google fixes vulnerabilities in Android where rooting is a double-edge sword

    Google had to intervene to fix a few vulnerabilities that risked exposing its Nexus devices and related Android operating system to remote access – or through malware – by hackers. The tech firm has actually been working on media file related software bugs in Android OS since July last year when Stagefright – a media-parsing […]