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  • Someone leaked 32TB of Windows 10 internal builds and source code

    It looks like Microsoft is in trouble again. This time not for its critical vulnerabilities in Windows operating system but for a massive data leak in which 32TB of highly sensitive Windows 10 related data has been dumped online. According to a report from TheRegister, it is believed that the data was stolen from Microsoft’s in-house […]

  • Netflix’ Orange Is the New Black Season was Stolen Using Windows Flaw

    In April this year, DarkOverLord a Dark Web hacking group stole and held season 5 of popular TV show Orange Is the New Black (which was yet-to-be-released at that time ) to ransom but ended up leaking it on the Internet after failed negotiations with Netflix and Hollywood-based Larson Studios. Now, details have emerged highlighting […]

  • A Malware That can Bypass Windows Firewall Using Intel’s Management Tech

    A unique and perhaps a very practical way of injecting malware into an entire network has been discovered in which the hacking group uses Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) to bypass Windows’ built-in firewall and as such go undetected. The Active Management Technology (AMT) Active Management Technology (AMT) is a technology that allows remote access […]

  • The good old NTFS bug in Windows strikes back but with a different name

    Most of you who are from the Windows 95 era, may remember an NTFS bug allowed hackers to attack the devices through special filenames causing the entire system to go berserk and subsequently display a blue screen of death. Well, to everyone’s disappointment, the bug is back to haunt those who are running Windows 7 […]

  • 10 Crucial Security Tips to Reduce Data Loss in Microsoft Office 365

    The protection of crucial data is highly important. Microsoft Office 365 has a data loss feature that highly secures your data. According to research, four in every ten organizations are currently using or planning to implement this application. It’s no wonder Microsoft has deemed it necessary to implement the right safety measures for all of […]

  • Microsoft Warn Users of Cyber Attacks on Windows Software Update System

    Earlier this week, the research team which is part of Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection system, detected several attacks being carried out against a software’s update system whose name has not yet been revealed – All that is known about the software is that it is a well-known editing application and that the creator or vendor […]

  • Hackers are Exploiting New Microsoft Office Vulnerability to Drop Malware

    Researchers have detected a new zero-day bug which uses a previously unknown flaw in Microsoft Word. The bug allows attackers to send malicious document files to users and hackers have started sending out emails with fake Word documents which when downloaded and opened, start working in the background on downloading different kinds of malware and therefore spread […]

  • Microsoft Bug Bounty Program: Report Vulnerabilities, Get up to $30,000

    For the last couple of year, Google has been releasing details about unpatched vulnerabilities discovered by its researchers in Microsoft’s products. Now, to save itself from further embarrassment Microsoft has launched its bug bounty program in which the company is willing to pay up to $30,000 to hackers and security researchers for reporting flaws in […]

  • Google Discloses Critical Existing Bug in Internet Explorer and Edge

    It is evident that Google does not like Microsoft, but it is also a fact that Microsoft is lazy at fixing critical vulnerabilities in its cyber infrastructure. Take the example from 2015 when researchers exposed an 18-year-old “Redirect to SMB” vulnerability which allowed attackers to steal data from all versions of Windows operating system. Now, security researchers […]

  • Microsoft May Stop Forcing You to Upgrade to Windows 10

    Automatic updates have been the most irritating and annoying feature of the otherwise decent version of Microsoft’s Windows 10. Users became so disturbed by this feature that even Microsoft became worried and noticed a sharp decline in users of its latest version of Windows. Many were switching back to older versions just to avoid automatic […]

  • Hackers Disclose Easily Exploitable Flaws in Microsoft Edge and VMware

    Microsoft Edge was pwned twice while VMware WorkStation 12.5.1. was also compromised — In return, the hackers received a large amount of money. At the Power of Community security conference that is being held in Seoul, Thursday was the day the security community was waiting for as it was the PwnFest 2-16 event day. At then […]

  • AtomBombing; An Injection Code that Infects Multiple Processes in Windows

    Security Researchers Discover AtomBombing — An Injection Code that Infects Multiple Processes in Windows leading to malware installation. Ensilo’s security researchers have identified a unique method that allows injection of malicious code into multiple processes without getting identified by any endpoint security system or antivirus software. This method has been labeled as AtomBombing It has […]

  • Microsoft Security Essentials Installer Leads to Support Scam Malware

    Beware of not so old yet widespread Microsoft Security Essentials Scam that tells users to call a support number that instructs users to download malware on their PC. Microsoft users have been the target of a malware that tricks users into downloading Microsoft’s Security Essentials. Once it is installed, the Hicurdismos malware displays a fake blue […]

  • Windows10 Anniversary Update Causing Devices to Crash – Yet Again!

    After messing around with users’ webcams the Microsoft’s Windows10 Anniversary Update is now causing crash whenever an Amazon Kindle is connected through USB. Microsoft has released its Windows 10 anniversary update recently and received criticism from all fronts especially when it was revealed that the updated caused webcam malfunction worldwide. Now, the anniversary update is creating more issues for users […]

  • Windows 10 anniversary update causes webcam malfunction worldwide

    Windows 10 Anniversary update basically stopped users from turning on their webcams — But there is a quick solution until new updates arrive in September! This August, Microsoft released the Windows 10 anniversary update fully loaded with new features and stuff. However, what was not so cool about this new update is the way it […]

  • Microsoft sued again over frustrating Windows 10 upgrade

    Microsoft has been sued again — This time by three users in the United States and one from Israel! The technology giant Microsoft has been sued again for its frustrating Windows 10 upgrade tactics. The first in the list is a lawsuit from Florida, United States and second lawsuit comes all the way back from the Haifa city […]

  • Download Microsoft Pix App for Stunning Photo Results on Apple Devices

    Microsoft Pix is an amazing cam app for iPhone — We tried it and you should download it as well! Microsoft Pix—is it a Better Cam App for Apple Devices? We have been trying to identify the real reason behind claims by Microsoft that its new cam app Microsoft Pix is the best app for […]

  • If You Don’t Upgrade to Windows 10 Now – You Will Have to Pay $119 Later

    Microsoft will charge you $119 from 29th July 2016 in order to update your operating system from Windows 7 and Win 8 to Windows 10 — It’s a do or die situation! Microsoft has been forcing users to update their OS from Windows 7 and Win 8 to Windows 10 but who knew the tech […]

  • Windows ‘God Mode’ Feature Exploited by New Malware to Avoid Identification

    Researchers have identified a new malware taking advantage of Windows God Mode and infecting users. Malware in a Window OS is not a new thing but Microsoft claimed that apps in Windows 10 will automatically detect the presence of malware — However, the Dynamer malware breached Windows OS security by exploiting God Mode. God Mode is […]