Turkish Ministry of Health & 475 Websites Hacked by GHoST61

A Turkish hacker who goes by the handle of GHoST61 has hacked around 475 Turkish websites, including two websites of Turkish Health Ministry. 

The hacker who claims to be a citizen of Turkish city Trabzon, defaced the sites today on 12/12/12, leaving his deface page but a very short message on all the hacked websites. The message is in Turkish language and translated by me via Google Translator:

Hacked by by ghst61 ~ bize her yer trabzon :*.. Hacked by by GHoST61, Each of us in the Trabzon..

Meanwhile hacked websites of Turkish Health Ministry includes the Refik Kadınhanı Saime Koyuncu State Hospital and website of Bingöl Provincial Directorate of Health. I apologize for limited information on these two websites as I can’t not understand Turkish language nor the exact translation was available on the internet. If you understand Turkish, kindly let me know about the exact information. 

The links of targeted Turkish Ministry of Health and their mirrors are given below:

Refik Kadınhanı Saime Koyuncu State Hospital


Bingöl Provincial Directorate of Health


The other 475 hacked websites belongs to private and small business located inside Turkey. The hacker however did not mentioned any reason for hacking these websites and their mirrors can be found below. 


At the time of publishing this article, most of the sites were still displaying the deface page, while some of them were offline.

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