UK Police Orders Registrars to Shutdown Major Torrent Sites

The newly formed Intellectual Property Crime Unit of the City of London Police (IPCU) is in action. In its first operation the unit has suspended domain names of several famous torrent sites.

The registrars were ordered to suspend domain names of many torrent service sites including MisterTorrent, ExtraTorrent and SumoTorrent, where MisterTorrent had its .com domain suspended while MisterTorrent and SumoTorrent were forced into loosing control over their domains.

However, not all registrars are caving in that easily though, as easyDNS is refusing to comply and sees the requests as abuse of power.

UK police was sending warming emails that their site and activities on it are against UK’s Crime Act and breaching copyright law.

This time Intellectual Property Crime Unit of the City of London Police (IPCU) did not contacted the site owners but their domain registrars with a letter, informing them about their clients activities regarding breaching copyright law of the country.

police letter to registrar 131002 

Read More on the issue by clicking here.


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