Unicef India Website Hacked by Turkish Hackers

A group of Turkish hackers hacked and defaced the official website of Unicef India (The United Nations Children’s Fund) last Sunday. 

A group of three Turkish hackers going with the online handles of RootDevilz, Jonturk75 and Bozkurt97 claimed responsibility for defacing the official website of Unicef India with one of their own page along with a message against China, US, UN, EU and Israel.

The deface message was left in Turkish and English language:

Unicef İndia Pwned | Hearts a Petrified Monster Israeli Zionists. You Will Find us in The Face of All the Games You’ve played.

When asked why to hack the website of a humanitarian institution the hackers told HackRead that the only reason for targeting the site is to deliver the message against China who is behind the massacre of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang region, the United States killing people around the world, EU against immigrants, Israel killing Palestinians, India killing Kashmiris and United Nations for not taking action against any of them.

Here’s a full preview of the deface page:


A tweet from hackers informing HackRead about the Unicef India hack,

In the past, Turkish hackers defaced hundreds of Chinese government websites against the massacre of Uyghur Muslims.

At the time of publishing this article, the Unicef India website was restored and available online.


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