US warns, but, China agrees to talk on Cyber Security

An official at White House has warned China to take “serious steps” in tackling cyber-crimes originating from its cyber space, as it has become a “growing challenge” between U.S. and China relations.

-talksTom Donilon, National Security Adviser asked China to ”understand the seriousness and depth of the matter by behaving responsibly over the cyber security issue.”

At the other hand, China has asked US to stop treating it as criminal as they country itself is a victim of cyber attacks.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said Tuesday ”we are ready to talk but not as perpetrator, what the Internet needs is not war, but rules and cooperation. China is willing, on the basis of the principles of mutual respect and mutual trust, to have constructive dialogue and cooperation on this issue with the international community, including the United States, to maintain the security, openness and peace of the Internet,” he stated.

The heat between US and China rose when major US based companies like Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, New York Times and Washington post reveled that they were hacked by Chinese hackers for months in order to spy on sensitive information.

In reply, China denied the entire allegation and blamed US for conducting massive cyber attacks on 2200 Chinese computer and on a Military website.

VOA reports that the U.S. last month unveiled a new strategy to counter hackers and cyber spies, including the use of fines and trade actions against those targeting trade secrets.

Some U.S. lawmakers estimate that American companies lost more than $300 billion last year to trade secret theft, much of it to due to hacking by Chinese cyber spies.

Let’s hope the talks will end up the escalating war of words between both sides.

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