Why the Moz SEO course is the best for beginners training

If you are looking for improving your website traffic and presence on the search engines here’s why the Moz SEO course is the best.
Why the Moz SEO course is the best for beginners training

If you are looking for improving your website traffic and presence on the search engines here’s why the Moz SEO course is the best.

SEO is a complex and huge process to understand all at once. If you look at the brief definition of SEO, it refers to the process of featuring your website among the top results in SERP pages and drawing the targeted traffic to your website/brand/content.

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SEO involves several digital marketing strategies for giving the best results and each of them keeps on evolving constantly based on the marketing trends. So, if you are willing to learn SEO for marketing solutions or career development, opt for the Moz SEO course. It is voted as the top SEO course in 2019 for beginners. Wondering why? Check out the following reasons.

Provides LIVE Workshop and Training

  1. Teaches all basic fundamentals and applications of SEO (Paid Course with certification)

Moz SEO course is divided into different sections to help you understand its fundamentals easily. The ‘SEO Essentials course covers a 5 hours video course that teaches you the basic fundamentals of SEO and how to apply them in your marketing solutions.

It includes aptitude exams and interesting quizzes to help you grip the fundamentals quickly. It covers everything starting from how the search engines work to crawling, indexing, ranking, keyword research, on-site optimization, link building strategies, SEO reporting, prioritizing, measuring and executing it successfully. The course offers certification on completion and a LinkedIn badge.

  1. Teaches local SEO for local lead generation (Paid course)

Moz SEO course through its ‘Local SEO Fundamentals’ gives you an in-detailed knowledge on how to manage SEO for local businesses. It teaches you about local business listings for SEO, how to face the challenges in local SEO rankings, how to get a local SEO checklist for tailoring your clients, what are the 6 different types of Local SEO Business, how to deal with duplicate listings, conflation and so on.

The local SEO course is a practical source and hence it helps in essential skill development as a beginner and also provides answers to all of your troubleshooting issues faced in the process. It gives you a detailed guide on how to feature your business in the top position in Google map results.

  1. Teaches you how to audit sites (Paid Course)

Moz SEO course through its ‘SEO audit’ course teaches you how to analyze the site’s issues that are degrading the performance of SEO. It basically helps you monitor the SEO performance. The course covers topics like- Indexation issues impacting the site’s accessibility; Duplicate issues(HTTP vs. HTTPs); Server load balancing issues, Crawl errors issues (404 errors, 301 redirects, etc); Readability errors; Site speed issues; On-page considerations and everything that can affect the performance of a website.

Moz SEO also covers live training on SEO client Pitching, Backlinks Basics, Backlink Audit, SEO client prospecting, and finding potential SEO clients.

Provides Free Guides on different SEO topics

  1. Beginner level free courses on SEO fundamentals

Moz SEO course apart from the above-mentioned paid courses comes with a free SEO guide to help you learn about its fundamentals and how to apply them in your business. It covers chapter-wise lessons like- SEO 101, How Search Engines work, Keyword Analysis, On-site optimization, Technical SEO, Link Building and Establishing Authority, Measuring, prioritizing and executing SEO and SEO glossary with a brief insight of all the fundamentals covered in the guide of 7 chapters. The free guide serves beneficial for the marketers who are looking for solutions to boost SEO but don’t have much knowledge about it.

  1. Free beginner-level courses on Advanced SEO

Moz SEO is not just limited to the free SEO guide but also provides free course guides on advanced SEO topics like- ‘SEO Analytics and Reporting’; ‘Content Marketing’; ‘Social Media and Influencer Marketing’; ‘International SEO’; and ‘Mobile SEO’. The guides contain chapter-wise details giving you a detailed insight on the mentioned topics, related articles for better guidance and even videos for practical demonstration for complete assistance on your marketing solutions.

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Final Words

If you are a beginner level student/professional try the Moz SEO course to have a clear understanding of SEO and its business applications.

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