ZINGR – A secure app to connect nearby people

ZINGR is one of those apps that claim minimal data collection – Here’s how the app works.

In today’s world of connectivity, almost everyone uses encrypted messaging apps like Signal, Telegram, or WhatsApp to chat. However, for Facebook, Inc., which owns WhatsApp; there are concerns that the company collects user data and it’s only getting invasive each day.

Yet entrepreneurs are launching new apps offering minimal data collection. One of them is ZINGR that lets users connect with people and it doesn’t request you to share your private data. This app doesn’t ask you to share your real name, age, gender, or a real photo.

ZINGR app simply uses your location to connect with nearby people and helps you discover what happens around you. This is great to know what’s happening in your city, to make new friends, or just chat with users nearby.

ZINGR – A secure app to connect nearby people

How to use ZINGR?

Unlike Facebook; this app does not ask for your private information. The only thing this app asks you is your email and your location. For user’s privacy on the ZINGR app, all nearby people are set to be within a roughly a 1km radius and the app doesn’t share your current location. 

Users on this app connect nearby people based on their GPS location and share videos, photos, or stories with others in that area. ZINGR allows people to use hashtags with posts to discover nearby things they like.

ZINGR – A secure app to connect nearby people 

Safe app to make new friends with similar interests

ZINGR uses hashtags to discover people with the same hobbies. If you like to go for a walk, pets, sports, or would like to meet people who love gaming or share similar hobbies, users can share their content with hashtags like #sport or #games, etc. to connect.

It is noteworthy that users can also report any malicious content. Moderators review the reported content and if it goes against the rules of the company the content is removed and the culprit is banned permanently.

ZINGR – A secure app to connect nearby people

Discover local news. No “Fake news”, only real stories

Social media apps like Facebook and Twitter allow users to share the content with their friends, followers, or the public. Based on the content, both sites put fact check related images and links to inform users about the legitimacy of the news.

Yet, fake news is spreading like wildfire. It has become such a threat that differentiating between fake and real news might become part of schools syllabus in the State of Colorado, United States.

On the other hand, the ZINGR app allows people to share local news and stories with nearby people. This is great to share important or breaking stories with people around you. According to the company, the shared content especially news is checked by its mods and any fake news or scammers are blocked.

ZINGR – A secure app to connect nearby people

This app also lets users share recommendations for events, which can be a big help for local business, especially amid the ongoing COVID-19 related pandemic and lockdown.

ZINGR app was released in 2019 by the CEO Kęstutis Gedaitis in Lithuania. This social network supports more than 75 languages and can be downloaded from Apple or Google play store.

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