#OpIsrael Reloaded:102 Israeli Websites Hacked by Indonesian Hacker SultanHaikal


A well known Indonesian hacker going with the handle of SultanHaikal has hacked and defaced 102 Israeli websites for #OpIsrael yesterday.

Hacker left his team’s deface page along with a message on all hacked websites, expressing his anti-Israeli views, the deface message was expressed in following words:

  • Hacked by SultanHaikal, Hello Israel I am come back :p. Op Israel Reloaded! Fuck all Zionist and fuck government of Israel!

Links and mirrors of all hacked websites are available here.

SultanHaikal along with his team has been hacking Israeli websites for last couple of months, an example is when on 12th June 2013, the same hacker collectively had hacked and defaced 127 Israeli websites in support of Palestine.

#OpIsrael is an online operation initially started by Anonymous hackers and taken over by hackers around the world.

At the time of publishing this article, all 102 websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hacker.


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