104 Websites Hacked By Rude Thunder Against The Insult Of Prophet Muhammad

Unstoppable Muslim hackers are taking down anything that is coming to their way, after hacking uncountable numbers of websites; another hacker has hacked over 100 websites against the insult of Prophet Muhammad.

Hacker who calls himself ”Rude Thunder” has successfully defaced all the 104 websites, leaving his deface page and a message for the Zionists and the Government of USA.

Until now thousands of American based websites are either hacked or taken down by the hackers of Islamic world against the anti-Islamic movie.

The list of attacked websites goes unlimited but few of the noteworthy websites includes the official website of US Department of Agriculture, official website of French based Charlie Hebdo MagazineBank of America and New York Exchange and the website of Brownsburg Schools. 

 According to hacker’s message:

Our Prophet is our Love. If someone try to insult our love, We won’t leave them alone!

Zionist always kill and torture our muslim brothers. And now they are insulting our honorable prophet.
Where is limit of patient ?
Zionist are threat for humanity.We Muslim must destroy this virus from the world.Although they have already lost their right to live in the world

@ Admin and site visitors, don’t worry, all of data is safe. Please say “NO” to Zionist and prevent them.

Behalf of our brothers

— Rude_Thunder–

Gratz to All Muslim Hackers.

Rude Thunder also left a message on PasteBin along with the complete list of the hacked websites, according to the message:

Yet USA not say sorry . And their friedns support them. But we won’t leave nobody.
” AZAN ” is prohibited in UK and westurn countries. But i am just playing this on their web spaces.
Again hit. More then 100 sites has been defaced to share our message.

Most of the hacked websites belong to UK, while the complete list of hacked websites can be seen on: http://pastebin.com/fwRHgDvZ

Mirrors of hacked websites: 

At the time this article was written, all the websites were still displaying the deface page uploaded by the hacker.





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