12 Classic Games You Can Play on Your Smartphone

Classic games put your mind at work more than impressive and realistic shooters or role-playing games. Here are 12 such games for smartphones.

Gaming has evolved to an unprecedented level, as you can almost mistake it for movies nowadays. But that doesn’t mean the classics are dead, as they’ll be living forever in the hearts of many! Classic games often put your mind at work more than impressive and realistic shooters or role-playing games.

Mobile gaming is currently at its peak when it comes to popularity, and many tech experts saw it coming a few years ago. But regardless of how realistic games for PC, Android and iOS have become, the best is yet to come. For now, here are 12 of the most exciting classic games for mobile devices:


Minecraft is not one of the best-selling games ever for no reason. This is the game where you can do pretty much anything you can imagine in a world made of blocks.

The Super Mario series

Super Mario is practically an icon for gaming, and there are so many variations to choose from! Pretty much all of them use the same recipe: a rowdy little plumber as the protagonist who has to save the princess from the clutches of Bowser. Mario will have to go through a lot of crazy challenges, and only you can help him!

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

This classic game originally developed in 1992 follows the adventures of Sonic as he tries to stop Doctor Robotnik from getting his hands on the Chaos Emeralds to power Death Egg, a space station. Check more details about the game on SEGA’s official website.

The Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon is all about fighting in the classical beat ’em-up style! You’ll be in charge of Billy or Jimmy, two brave guys who only like to solve things using their fists, kicks, and combo moves. The first Double Dragon game appeared in 1987, and it was remade in plenty of variations. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices.


Chess is a legendary board game that was invented many centuries ago in India, and it was later converted into many digital versions. Chess is one of the most complicated and beautiful mind games, and the biggest players of this game also have IQs that are off the charts.


Sudoku is another mind game that will put your mind to work a lot. This game requires you to fill squares with digits so that all of them will appear both horizontally and vertically. It won’t be easy at all, as other digits will already be placed in certain squares by default.


Playing Solitaire will free you from the stress of competing with another person. Instead, you’ll have to compete against yourself, and you may find out that you are your own enemy. Solitaire is easily one of the most popular card games, and the great actor Tom Hanks can confirm how dangerously addictive the game can become! 

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe is a pretty simple mind game where each of the two players has to mark the squares from a 3×3 grid. The winning player has to place three marks in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical row.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds follows the adventures of a bunch of birds willing to take revenge on the pigs that destroyed their nests. By using a slingshot, the player has to figure out the right spot to hit the pigs’ settlements. The game becomes harder with every new level, the pigs become smarter, and the birds become angrier!


Tetris gets the player to manoeuvre bricks of different shapes that come falling, and he must put them in the correct position to complete an entire row. The pile decreases once the row is filled, leaving more space for the player to build.


Pac-Man was a great sensation back in the 80s, and it’s alive even now for many people. The goal in this game is to get your character to eat as many dots as possible while trying to run away from several ghosts through a maze. 

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is easily one of the best games from the Grand Theft Auto series, and it was also adapted for smartphones after originally being released for PC and consoles. The game follows the adventures of Carl Johnson (aka CJ), as he goes from the ghetto to fame and wealth.

You must guide him through about 100 missions involving all sorts of illegal activities across a very diversified open-world map.

Before you download games on your smartphone!

This was our list of 12 classic games that you can play on a mobile device, and we’re sure that it was useful for you. However, keep in mind that the gaming industry is one of the most lucrative targets for cybercriminals and therefore gaming apps are often infected with malware

If you are about to down an app make sure to go through its permissions and accept or reject them accordingly. Moreover, don’t let any app on your phone with malicious behaviour or unnecessary permissions. 

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