PokemonGo Servers Go Offline; PoodleCorp Claims Responsibility

PokemonGo servers went offline earlier today and PoodleCorp hacking group claimed they were behind the attack!

While everyone is playing PokemonGo game there are some people who do things a bit different and this time, it’s the PoodleCorp hacking group has done something different by conducting a massive DDoS attack on PokemonGo servers forcing the service to go offline. 

PoodleCorp who previously hacked YouTube accounts of WatchMojo, Redmercy, Lilly Singh and Leafyishere claimed responsibility for shutting down the servers of one of the world’s most famous game PokemonGo.

Those looking for answers took their questions to social media and clearly they are not happy with PoodleCorp:


The Pokémon Go app was recently released for iOS and Android devices but who could have predicted it would become such a massive hit that people around the world would be found looking for Pokemon but good news is that Pokémon Go servers are back online, however, PoodleCorp also tweeted that this was just a test and a large scale attack on the app servers will be conducted soon. 

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