12,000 Russian and Israeli login information leaked by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team

Mauritania Hacker has proved itself as an unstoppable hacking machine as just yesterday 600 Emails & PayPal logins  were leaked by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team and now the same hacker has leaked over 12,000 Russian and Israeli emails along with their passwords.

Leaked data was uploaded on zippyshare and now available for download. Leaked emails are from gmail, apple, hotmail, and bloger.com etc with encrypted passwords.

Direct download link: http://www20.zippyshare.com/v/32932126/file.html

In an email sent by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team to HackRead, the hacker said ” there is a lot to come, would love to see Israelis crying for their credit cards  like they cried when Ox Omar leaked all their earnings in a minute.

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