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  • Z Company Hacking Crew

    Website of Passport & Visa Center, Indian Embassy in Bahrain Defaced by ZHC

    The online hacktavist group Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) has hacked and defaced the official website of Octic International that act as Indian Passport and Visa Center  directly under the Indian embassy in Kingdom of Bahrain. Hackers left a deface page along with their famous message against Indian government and in support of Kashmir. The […]

  • zhc_news-h

    #OpKashmir: Geo TV & Its Sub-domains hacked and defaced by Z Company Hacking Crew

    The famous hackivist group Z Company hacking Crew aka ZHC has hacked and defaced the official website of Asia’s and specifically Pakistani’s biggest news media network site GEO TV along with four of its sub-domains few minutes ago for #OpKashmir.   The crew left their deface page along with a deface message on all 5 hacked […]

  • PakBugs-google-hacked

    Google Morocco and Google Saint Helena Hacked by ZombiE_KsA of PakBugs

    It happened few days ago but its worth posting, the famous hackers going with the handle of ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp and Z3r0Byt3 from PakBugs collectively hacked and defaced three official Google domains. One from Saint Helena and two of Google Morocco.  Google Morocco was hacked on 2013/01/22 and Google Saint Helena on 2013/01/29. The hackers left their deface page along […]

  • Muritania-attacker-team-Bangladeshi Ministries-hacked

    10 Bangladeshi Ministry Websites Hacked & Defaced by Mauritania HaCker Team

    The well known Mauritania Hacker Team is back with a bang by hacking and defacing 10 Bangladeshi government owned websites yesterday.  The hacked websites belongs to high profile Bangladeshi ministries, such as National Museum of Science & Technology, Ministry of Social Welfare, Government owned Eastern Tubes Ltd site, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Office of […]

  • teamp0ison_2409154164291

    The End of TeamP0isoN: TeaMp0isoN Announces Its Shutdown

    World renowned hackavist group TeaMp0isoN has announces to finish its hackavist journey and shutdown the group forever. The announcement was made by one of the member of TeaMp0isoN on their official Twitter account and later a good bye message was also posted on pastebin. TeaMp0isoN has appreciated people’s support all the way, no matter if the times were good or hard. However it […]

  • top-british-hacker-for-isis-junaid-hussain-killed-in-us-drone-strike-1

    Trick of TeaMp0isoN Jailed for leaking Tony Blair’s address book

    Trick aka Junaid Hussain, the famous hacker from TeaMp0isoN has been jailed for stealing and posting personal details of former British PM Tony Blair on the internet. Junaid Hussain, who is 18 years old British Pakistan from Birmingham, hacked into the personal Gmail account of the former Prime Minister’s special adviser Katy Kay using an ID ‘Trick”. […]

  • 1846 Government & Civilian Websites Hacked by Z Company Hacking Crew

    ‎Z Company hacking crew has attacked massive Indian websites by hacking over 1846 domains, Including Govt, Civil Aviation India and University sites hacked on May 29th. According to ZHC, ”This hack was done to show support to the two sisters of the Kashmir valley who were first raped and then killed brutally by INDIAN OCCUPATIONAL […]

  • ‎103+ Indian Sites Hacked ,Including Universities By Zhc Miscreant and Zhc Milan Milo

    Zhc Miscreant and Zhc Milan Milo of Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) have striked back by hacking more then 103 Indian websites, including Universities, colleges, Forex and religious websites. The crew also left their deface message on all the hacked websites in support of freedom movement in Kashmir. Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. […]

  • 12,000 Russian and Israeli login information leaked by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team

    Mauritania Hacker has proved itself as an unstoppable hacking machine as just yesterday 600 Emails & PayPal logins  were leaked by ZHC Mauritania Hacker Team and now the same hacker has leaked over 12,000 Russian and Israeli emails along with their passwords. Leaked data was uploaded on zippyshare and now available for download. Leaked emails are from gmail, apple, hotmail, and bloger.com etc with […]

  • More 80+ Indian Websites Hacked by Zhc Crypter of Z Company Hacking Crew

    Four days ago he hacked 61 Indian websites and today he hit back with more 80 Indian websites. ZHC Crypter of Z Company Hacking Crew has hacked more then 80 Indian websites, leaving the crew’s deface page and a message for Indian government in support of Kashmir. Deface message shows the lines from Indian Penal Code ” Indian Penal Code Act […]

  • zhc_news-h

    Las Vegas Police Department [ LVPD ] Hacked By Z Company Hacking Crew

    Website of  Las Vegas Police Departement’s recruitment center has been hacked by Zhc BlackOne HaXor of Z Company Hacking crew, leaving their deface page and a message on the main page supporting Palestine and Pakistanis, while explaining who is the real enemy, criticizing US’s role in killing of Muslims in Palestine by Israel and burning of the Holy Quran by US Solider in […]

  • 12,000 US Emails Hacked and Leaked by Mauritania HaCker Team

    Mauritania HaCker Team has hacked 12,000 emails of  users from United States and posted them online for public. Mauritania HaCker Team also promised that there are about 4,200more hacked emails yet to be leaked online and that will be leaked soon. Mauritania HaCker Team is the same team that hacked and leaked 2608 emails, hacked Bank of […]

  • More 53 Websites Hacked by By ZHC BlackOne HaXor of Z Company Hacking Crew

    Yesterday the hacked 61 Indian websites, today they hacked more 53 Indian websites for Kashmir cause. Leaving their deface page and message on all of the hacked websites. Deface message: Free Kashmir .. Freedom is our goal..// End the Occupation. . . . ” Indian Penal Code Act No. 45 of 1860) CHAPTER-II SEC 18: […]

  • 61 Indian Websites Hacked by Zhc Crypter of Z Company Hacking Crew for Kashmir Cause

    Well known Z Company has hacked 61 Indian websites to show its support for Kashmir cause, leaving their deface page on all of the hacked websites with a message for Indian Army and government. All the websites were defaced by Zhc Crypter of Z Company Hacking Crew. In their deface message, ZHC left lines from Indian […]

  • US Military & Important 2608 Emails Hacked By Mauritania HaCker Team

    Whoever is familiar with cyber world knows Mauritania HaCker Team very well. This time Mauritania HaCker Team has hit a jackpot by hacking US Military’s email and other important 2698 emails from different multinationals corporations such as SbcGlobal, BellSouth, Orange, Bath University, Wartburg College, EEOC (The agency of the United States Government that enforces the federal employment discrimination laws), AliceaDsl, Caramail, Stclair […]

  • 17 American Websites Hacked By Z Company Hacking Crew

    One can’t keep Z Company Hacking Crew out of news, they keep marking their signature over anything that comes to their way. This time ZHC U_!!v!!_N, ZHC Neon Seven & Mauritania HaCker Team of  ZHC have hacked an American server with 17 American small business websites for Palestine cause and against American drone attacks in Pakistan. Hackers left following deface […]

  • Chandigarh Naukri hacked 7000 user accounts leaked by Z Company Hacking Crew

    Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) has hacked into database of  Chandigarh Naukri website and leaked 7000 user accounts online. Leak contains phones numbers, contact details, address,emails and passwords of daily user.  www.chandigarhnaukri.com is an Indian job site for users looking for jobs and freelance projects. Website targets users from India, especially from city of Chandigarh. Targeted […]

  • 248044_1682696716867_1521061758_31213919_5281398_n

    Zionist Organisation UK DataBase leaked & 5166 Israeli Credit Cards exposed by Z Company Hacking Crew

    Yesterday as we updaated you with ZHC’s hack of Zionist Organisation UK & Ireland along with 7 other Israeli websites hacked  along with 7 other Israeli websites  , today ZHC has leaked Database of Zionist Organisation and Israeli dating website.Leak contains working credit cards, usernames, emails and addresses of all those who supports Zionist Organisation of UK […]