Google Morocco and Google Saint Helena Hacked by ZombiE_KsA of PakBugs

It happened few days ago but its worth posting, the famous hackers going with the handle of ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp and Z3r0Byt3 from PakBugs collectively hacked and defaced three official Google domains. One from Saint Helena and two of Google Morocco. 

Google Morocco was hacked on 2013/01/22 and Google Saint Helena on 2013/01/29. The hackers left their deface page along with two different messages on all three hacked websites, bashing the Pakistani hackers Khantastic, shadow008, invectus and h4x0rl1f3. According to the message on Google Morocco websites:

Morocco 0wn3d… We Did it in the Past And We Did it Again!
h0 h0 h0, khantastic aka 1337 skids you thought you were first ones to deface google, you guys didn’t even defaced that, adding free sub domains on freehostia wont make you 1337! but it will make your worst then script kiddies.
We did it in 2009 when you guys were learning how to use a pc, how you gonna fake me now?!? 
What stories are you gonna make now bitch?? you are less then nothing..
and remember “Everything You KIDS do is SMALL! OUR SHIT IS MONSTROUS!!” So bitches did we register our self LMFAO!! F*** OFF B***** You are just little script-kiddies trying to be us, but the world knows you failed like a p00r bitch. 

we are still alive, not dead, but when you pissed us off, you just woke the original devils up. ;-) We are: ZombiE_KsA, Agd_Scorp, Zer0Byt3 Greetz: Xploiter, riSky, nEt^Devil ..N00bs & Lammer: Khantastic ( n00b master ) , shadow008, invectus, h4x0rl1f3

However, the message on hacked Google Saint Helena site, the message was difference and against the Police. According to which: 

Saint Helena (.sh) 0wn3d… we are: ZombiE_KsA – Agd_Scorp – Z3r0Byt3 Controlling the game…once again… Visit us: We fight…For our existence. We don’t claim to be perfect. But we have freedom. We try to reach our dreams. Alone with no resistance. Agd_Scorp & ZombiE_KsA – controlling the scene since 2007.

The link of targeted websites and their links are given below:

PakBugs hacking group is one of the most successful hacking group since 2007, their hacks include that of Pakistan’s FIA, PAF, Pak Army, Supreme Court of Pakistan and hundreds of other high profile websites.

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