4 Best War Games You Should Play

4 Best War Games You Should Play

Online gaming is a luxury, especially if you are interested in strategic war games. So, here are the 5 best war games that you can play!

War and hostilities are terrible events and the worst outcome in the development of state policies. A format for human interaction in which there are no winners and all parties are losers, losing the best people who join the army.

Nevertheless, the theme of wars attracts players and movie lovers, because in such difficult and critical situations, the best and worst qualities in a person are revealed at the same time, and therefore it is interesting to watch the actions of the heroes and at least approximately understand what the soldiers participating in big wars went through.

Let this format be better expressed within the framework of games and films and people will perceive it at the multimedia level, and not take part in real combat operations. Let’s look at five of the most interesting and vibrant projects that you should play.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

A project from the Infinity Ward studio invites players to fully transport themselves and see the world through the eyes of different soldiers who will take part in a fictional modern conflict, first against terrorists, and then in a full-fledged war.

According to the game plot, in the Far East, separatists from Russia helped carry out a coup and put the terrorist Al Assad in power, who carried out a coup, killed the current ruler and took possession of nuclear weapons, to counteract him, special operations forces and the regular army of US Rangers enter the battle.

You will play as individual characters, some of whom will continue their journey in the next parts of the series.

You will be able to fully experience the spirit of the offensive and storming of cities, carrying out secret and silent operations, tank offensives and major landings. You will destroy entire armies in units and destroy important targets.

Among the interesting mechanics, you will find a nuclear explosion with all the consequences and the outcome of an entire war in the series of Modern Warfare with the reflection of the attack on Washington, New York, Paris and Berlin.

For players who want to play against other gamers, there is the Warzone format, in which players face each other on a small game map in a survival mode where there can only be one winner.

Victories and high results in the match will lead to an increase in rating and entry into new matches with stronger players.

If you are unable to increase your rank on your own, then you can always order Call of Duty services – professionals who will increase your level, and you will only come across strong gamers.

Battlefield 5

A project in which you will be immersed in the format of the battles of the Second World War and, at the same time, you will choose one of the proposed stories, with all the moral dilemmas and important turning points of gaming companies.

Battlefield relies relatively on realism but creates an atmosphere in which the player will be interested in immersing himself in his gameplay and gives an additional chills effect due to the soundtrack, which has not changed for many years, but is constantly changing the arrangement.

You will be able to go through a company of Norwegian saboteurs, the first British SAS Forces, military pilots and even a tank commander of the Third Reich at the very end of the Second World War.

You will see many aspects, including moral ones, associated with the loss of morale and the general cruelty of any of the fronts, however, you will be able to play for different participants in the Second World War.

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor, one of the earliest shooters in the gaming industry, allows players to delve into future conflicts and the missions of special forces units in its latest versions. Beyond diverse tasks, the game immerses players in the everyday challenges faced by soldiers, including conflicts with wives grappling with the absence of their husbands and the risks they endure.

There is, of course, a theme of the Second World War. Still, it belongs to already quite outdated games unless you choose the format of the Pacific front, in which a group of friends together will go through a campaign against Japanese forces on key islands throughout the Second World War and survive Pearl Harbor as well.

There is a project in the series based on cinematography and vivid scenes played by real actors for realism.

This is the Airborne Medal of Valor, in which the player will have to take part in several operations as part of the airborne forces, where each task will be accompanied by a mandatory parachute into a danger zone and the completion of tasks in Operation Husky, during the assault on German bunkers, the Normandy landings and attacks in cities.

Each time there will be different landing circumstances, from ordinary to extremely difficult. The tasks will constantly become more complicated, and one of the interesting features is the constant improvement of the selected weapon when using it.

This means that by hitting enemies with a Thompson assault rifle, you will regularly upgrade it. First, get manual stabilization and front sight for better and more accurate aiming, and then get a larger ammo clip.

The system works similarly with all game weapons, including enemy ones. Any third-level weapon will be very different from its initial appearance but will bring significant benefits to its owner.


Wolfenstein is a series of games with a rather interesting setting and a unique format, which differs depending on the game you choose for yourself.

The old format is a setting of the Second World War, in which the fascists experiment on people and turn to mysticism to create unique and invincible soldiers, and you have to stop their entire plan.

The new format and updated version, called New Order, offers to try out unique mechanics and a plot that suggests trying out a dystopia in which it is demonstrated what would have happened to the world if the Nazis had won the Second World War.

You will again find the format of super soldiers, experiments and attempts to destroy humanity, in which again one person must stop everyone.

Bonus: For those into old-school gaming, revisiting Delta Force is a pure delight as all of its versions offer a fun playing experience.

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