47 Greek Government Websites Defaced by !nf3rN.4lL

One of the most famous and dangerous hacker going with the handle of !nf3rN.4lL has hacked and defaced 47  Greek government owned websites today. 


The hacked websites belong to the high profile government institutions Greece such as the Tourism ministry, Primary Unit Scan, Municipality of Rio, Municipality of Monemvasia and other government owned domains. 

The hacker who defaced the websites claims to be an Iranian, supporter of Persian Gulf (The Persian Gulf is located in Western Asia between Iran (Persia) and the Arabian Peninsula. It is an extension of the Indian Ocean), as the deface message left on the site says: 

Defaced By !nf3rN.4lL
Persian Gulf For Ever
Need Help ?!?

However, why the Greek sites were attacked, the reason remains unclear as the hacker did not left any message or explanation for his attack. 

Looking at !nf3rN.4lL ‘s previous hacks on Zone-h, it is a sure thing that hacker is highly skilled and knows what he does. As the past hacks includes some high profile Government of Kuwait, Syrian and other websites, since 2006. 

Link of targeted sites along with their mirrors can be found here.

It has not been confirmed if the hacker took away or leaked any sensitive information. 

At the time of publishing this article, all 47 websites were hacked and displaying the deface page left by !nf3rN.4lL.

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