5 Premium VPN Services To Access HULU Outside The US

Hulu is a streaming video service popularly known the world over for showcasing TV shows from US television networks. The trio of ABC, Fox, and NBC make up for Hulu’s major networks that provide channels such as Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, PBS, etc. After Netflix, Hulu is the world’s second most streamed network.

What is a VPN? Why do we need one to watch HULU shows?

Since Hulu is primarily restricted to US and Japanese audience, viewing these networks when you aren’t from these 2 countries is nearly impossible. This is where virtual private network or VPN comes into play. Several VPN services allow you to route your home network anonymously and spoof your location as if to seem you are viewing from the US or Japanese location. This allows you to freely watch your favorite shows without restricted access.

A VPN allows you to host your own home server that isn’t restricted by your location. For example, you could be traveling between two countries and still access HULU from either of these destinations at your will.

Can I watch HULU videos for free using a VPN?

Hulu offers its users monthly and yearly subscription plans to access their huge collection of shows. A VPN serves as a bridge to allow your computer to view these shows without regional restriction. So, the answer is – No! You must still pay for HULU services as if you were the US or Japanese citizen.

A VPN can create a routed network that allows you to switch between the US and the Japanese network, allowing you to view shows exclusive to these countries. Although, you may need to have a subscription plan active in both the countries if you intend to switch.

Will just about any VPN service allow me to watch HULU videos?

Although many VPN services claim to offer premium services that allow you to utilize unlimited bandwidth, it may be so. Some VPN services can offer region access to a select few countries, the country you want to route your traffic to may not be on this list. Also, many VPN services can considerably slow down your bandwidth and may require additional fees to unlock blazing-fast connections.

For this very reason, we have listed some of the best VPN networks that offer premium services that are within your budget. You can watch all your favorite HULU shows with the freedom of paying a one-time monthly fee. A good Hulu VPN service should work across desktops, smartphones, laptops, Smart TVs, tablets, etc.

1. IPVanish

With 2 simultaneous connections, IPVanish allows users to experience fast downloads and upload speeds as well as optimum security. You can connect to HULU with over 35,000 IP addresses and choose one of the 13 different server locations within Japan and the United States. Like the name suggests, your home network will vanish and be completely masked as an anonymous network while using IPVanish.

The service also offers its users a 7-day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied. IPVanish also does not collect any logs and provides complete privacy to the user. With a 24/7 customer support to handle all your queries, IPVanish also accepts payments via PayPal and Bitcoin methods.

2. Buffered VPN

This Hungarian VPN service solely utilizes OpenVPN for connecting to their service. With strong encryption to neutralize any attempts to pry open your privacy, Buffered provides servers to over 17 countries, with Japan and the US being supported. You can install the Buffered app on your personal electronic device to stream videos on HULU.

Unlimited bandwidth and fast speeds are backed by their 30-day guarantee claim if the user isn’t satisfied. The customer support team is world class and provides an immediate solution to any query you may have. All popular payment methods are accepted.

3. Express VPN

Express VPN is a leading VPN provider that offers unmatched experience as far as speed is concerned. As a user, you can setup your server to utilize the fastest bandwidth possible to mask your location. For ideal streaming of HULU videos, server switching is critical, Express VPN provides unlimited server switches for a fantastic experience.

User data isn’t stored maintaining a high point of anonymity between the user. Additionally, the VPN is torrent-friendly and is great for secure P2P file-sharing. With plenty of setup and troubleshooting guides along with a live chat support, Express VPN scores big with after sales customer support.

4. Pure VPN

With more than 500 servers in 141 countries, Pure VPN is the ultimate choice for anyone looking for a wide range of servers. Due to its variety in the number of locations offered, Pure VPN makes for a great choice to lift geo-restrictions that can otherwise interfere with HULU video streams. The supported protocols are OpenVPN, PPTP, STTP, and L2TP. It supports over 5 simultaneous connections making for a family-friendly VPN.

The NAT firewall enables your connection to remain undetected by outside sources. Absolutely no information is leaked with its hi-tech data encryption Kill Switch widget. DDoS protection is also available at no extra cost, which is convenient during attacks.

5. IvacyVPN

Featuring a strong 256-bit encryption that practically makes you invisible to any snooping sources. IvacyVPN has a bonus feature of preventing ISPs from blocking your HULU access. Data leaks are entirely prevented with its DNS and IPv6 Leak protection. IvacyVPN is a great choice for an overall multipurpose VPN aside from streaming HULU.

IvacyVPN also comes with a 7-day trial for users to try their service before making their mind up. This VPN is also a budget friendly option compared to other VPN services and comes with various selectable plans. Split tunneling is provided to securely transfer P2P files over another network.

In Conclusion

While there are free VPN options available, they offer next to no protection and usually come with a shared access that can raise security concerns. A monthly fee to any of the above VPN services ensures that you can watch restricted videos securely on HULU that are otherwise unavailable for viewing.

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