56 Christian Websites under French Government Hacked by Algerian Hacker DZ27


An Algerian hacker with the handle of DZ27 has hacked and defaced 56 high profile French government based websites dealing with the religion of Christianity. 

While scrolling Zone-h I got hold of this attack in which the Algerian hacker successfully defaced the sites by leaving his deface page along with a message, greeting his fellow hackers and his contact email.

According to the message: 

Algerian Hacker mostaganem 27…Mail:::[email protected] | www.htc-hacker.org ..SpeciaLS GreeTs TO:::: LaMiN3 DK | HTC 28 DZ | SanFour25 | Sa-Dz | SOLY | AL.MaX HaCkEr | Evil-DZ | H4cker-Dz | OverDz.

Links of targeted website along with their mirrors can be found on Zone-h.

The hacked sites includes Church, Cities, Hospitals, Church Radio channels, Christian Dating website,  Christian widow association  French based government Christian forum and other religious based sites running directly under the French ministry of religious affairs. 

At the time of publishing the article, all 56 websites were hacked and displaying deface page left by the hacker.

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