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  • Subdomain of U.S. Dept. of Energy’s Argonne National Lab Hacked by ISIS Hackers

    Did you notice the pro-ISIS hackers are targeting high-profile websites without any restriction? Yesterday, we exclusively reported how the State Ministry for Euro-Atlantic Integration of Georgia, NATO website was hacked by The Islamic State hackers. Today, the same group has hacked and defaced the subdomain of Illinois-based Argonne National Laboratory website, owned and funded by the U.S. […]

  • New Security Checkup Tested by Facebook for Optimal Security of your Account

    Numerous tweaks in security features have been made by Facebook over the past few years. This has been done to ensure that your account remains secure from being hacked. However, it is apparent that individual users aren’t much interested in using these features, which makes all the efforts of the social network useless. Moreover, Facebook accounts […]

  • Exclusive: Linkin Park official Facebook Page Hacked! Spammed with adverts

    In an exclusive report, we are updating that the official verified Facebook fan page of  famous rock band Linkin Park (LP) with 62,616,278 fans (https://www.facebook.com/linkinPark?fref=nf) has been hacked by unknown hackers and spamming vulgar images with links. It seems as if the page was hacked a couple of hours ago where hacker started posting links […]

  • eBay Hacked; 128 Million Users Asked to Change Passwords

    eBay Inc. (Nasdaq: EBAY) has confirmed yesterday on its blog that it experienced one of the biggest criminal cyberattacks ever and has requested its users to change their passwords. “Changing passwords is a best practice and will help enhance security for eBay users,” said the blog. The hackers compromised a small number of employee log-in […]

  • AOL Accounts Hacked: Email Addresses, Passwords, Home Addresses Swiped

    The AOL website has confirmed a security breach that could have compromised AOL users’ sensitive personal information such as email passwords, postal addresses, and answers to security questions on Monday. AOL is investigating the breach, which initially started once they noticed a significant increase in amount of spam, as spoof emails, from the AOL mail […]

  • Egyptian Ministry of Information Website Hacked by Libyan Hackers

    The official website of Egyptian Ministry of Information has been hacked and defaced by hackers from a group going with the handle of Libyan Cyber Army. Egyptian ministry website was hacked few hours ago and left with a deface page, displaying Libyan flag on it. The reason for targeting the Egyptian Ministry of Information was not mentioned anywhere. However […]

  • Syrian hacker hacks and defaces UNICEF New Zealand Official blog for Free Syria

    A Syrian hacker going with the handle of Dr.SHA6H has hacked and defaced the official blog of The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) designated for New Zealand. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on hacked UNICEF blog, questioning governments of the world why they are not interfering in the ongoing civil war in the Arab […]

  • Official website of Bangalore City Police hacked by Pakistani hacker

    A Pakistani hacker going with the handle of H4x0r10ux m1nd has hacked and defaced the official website of Bangalore City Police India, yesterday. Hacker left a deface page along with a message on the hacked police website, bashing the admin for poor security and criticizing the government of India for killing innocent people in Kashmir. The […]

  • #OpIsrael: Israeli Ministry of Agriculture Domain Hacked, 100+ other crushed down by Anonymous

    Year 2014 begin with a warning from online hacktivists Anonymous in which it warned Israel to get ready for a massive cyber attack on 7th April 2014 under the banner of #OpIsrael.  The attack included distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack on thousands of Israeli government and private domains, leaking personal details and defacing websites. Hackers were able […]

  • Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority Website Hacked and Defaced

    On 31st March, 2014, a hacker going with the handle of ”YMH” hacked and defaced the official website of Egyptian Armed Forces Training Authority. Hacker left a deface page along with a message in Arabic language. However, it does not appose or support the opposition or the government, infect it talks about leaving politics aside and enjoy […]

  • Kuwait’ Ministry of Internal Affairs Website Hacked, hacker demands interference in Syria

    The official website belonging to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kuwait was hacked and defaced on 26th March, 2014 by unknown hackers but reading the message on site shows they are Anti Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Hackers left a deface page along with a message, asking Kuwaiti government and other Middle Eastern countries […]

  • Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development Domain Hacked by AnonGhost

    The pro-Palestinian hacktivist AnonGhost has hacked and defaced the official website of Israeli Agricultural Research Organization, which is ran by Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The domain was hacked yesterday on which AnonGhost left their deface page along with a message, expressed as follow: Hi Israel! We always here to punish you as we […]

  • Official website of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj Hacked

    A hacker going with the handle of Eth_Spectrum had hacked and defaced the official websites of top Hollywood celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez.  All websites were hacked on 8th March 2014, left with a deface page along with a message. The reason for targeting these celebrities was not mentioned anywhere. […]

  • Official Website of Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia Hacked

    The official website of Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) has been hacked and defaced by Indonesian hacking group ”Black Angels”.  The hackers going with the handle of Hmei7 and Dbuzz along with others are behind the attack in which the high profile website of RIMES has been left with a deface […]

  • Largest Data Hack in the history! 360mn stolen account credentials found online

    It has been reported by a cyber-security firm that huge number of credentials in the form of a cache are being presented for online sale in the black markets. About 360 million credentials or accounts have been reported to be affected through a series of hacking activities, in which one of them is considered to […]

  • Official websites of WWF and Earth Hour Philippines Hacked by Indonesian hackers

    The official websites of World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Earth Hour Philippines have been hacked and defaced by Indonesian based hacking group Gantengers Crew.  Hackers left a deface page along with a message on both hacked websites. The reason for targeting these sites was not explained anywhere. The deface message was expressed in following words: Gantengers Crew Hacked […]

  • National Portal of India Hacked by Z Company Hacking Crew in Support of Kashmir

    The online hacktivists from Z Company Hacking Crew (ZHC) have hacked two official domains of National portal of India and left messages against Indian occupation over Kashmir.  One of the hacked domain is designated for mobile users (), while other domain belongs to the site’s content (http://india.gov.in/content) Though the sites were partially hacked and no deface page […]

  • Another target for Hackers: A small device that can hack a car! (Video Added)

    This small sized device could hack a car, let’s see how the researchers demonstrate. Auto makers over the years have paid less attention to the threat that hackers can attack their trucks and car systems. This is based on their argument that their vehicles have increasingly networked systems which are protected through varlet wireless intrusion. […]