Exclusive: Linkin Park official Facebook Page Hacked! Spammed with adverts

In an exclusive report, we are updating that the official verified Facebook fan page of  famous rock band Linkin Park (LP) with 62,616,278 fans (https://www.facebook.com/linkinPark?fref=nf) has been hacked by unknown hackers and spamming vulgar images with links.

It seems as if the page was hacked a couple of hours ago where hacker started posting links of different websites. One of the links even tells LP fans to look out for Jay-Z’s next album this summer.

LP’s fans are furious over the hack and asking the real administrator to restore the account. We are posting exclusive screenshots from hacked Linkin Park fan page which shows what is going on.

In these screenshots you can see the page is busy spamming:

50 WTF facts:

Linkin Park and panties? Nah!

Furious fans:

Yep, this summer:

Nice eyes but still spamming:

At the time of publishing this article, the Linkin Park’s Facebook fan page was hacked and spamming.

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