96 Indonesian Government Websites Hacked by Pak Cyber Eaglez

The Pakistani hackers Sizzling Soul and Pakhtun Haxor 72 from Pak Cyber Eaglez group have hacked 96 Indonesian government websites.

The hackers left a deface page and a message on all the hacked websites, showing the Pakistani flag and greetings to the group members.

According to the message:

All Corrupt Governments of the world listen us!! You think there is no one to oppose you? No one have courage to stand against you? Eaglez are watching you and all your actions. Our attacks not against the people, it is on the system within which you live. You live on our blood, on our deeds, on our desires, you smile on our teams. We work for you, we cook food or you, we drive your card, we guard you.. We are everyone of you.. We are Eagelz and now eaglez unitted to pawn you to pawn your corruptness.. and we mean it.. 

However, a cyber attack from Pakistani hackers on Indonesian sites is out of imagination, the hackers did not left any specific reason for defacing Indonesian sites.

The list of hacked domains along with their mirror can be found in below mentioned PasteBin link:


At the time of publishing this article, all 96 websites were displaying deface page left by the group. 

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