“Last Warning – Your Account Will Be Disabled”, Another Facebook Phishing Scam

Another day, another Facebook phishing scam — The email claims to be sent by Facebook Team and warns recipients that they have 24 hours to reconfirm their account details to avoid permanent deletion from the social network.

Facebook is in the news again and so is its Security because a threatening email titled “Last Warning” is circulating on walls of Facebook users. In some versions, the email claims to be sent by Facebook Team Security or in some it is from Facebook Team.

New Facebook Phishing Scam Posts Links on Friends Timeline

The email informs users that they need to reconfirm and verify their account details within 24 hours otherwise their Facebook profile will be deleted permanently, according to Hoax-Slayer.

Receivers of this email are informed that due to the generation of fake profiles at such a massive scale, original Facebook users must immediately verify their account details. If they fail to do so then Facebook team will block their account after 24 hours.

However, the fact is that this email hasn’t been sent by Facebook Security or any other authentic source from the social network.

Remember, Facebook never sends such email. They simply block your account

This is yet another phishing scam that has been designed to deceive users so that they disclose their webmail and Facebook login details to hackers and cyber criminals.

Users who fall for this trap click on the rogue link that is already present at the end of this email. The link is actually a fake Facebook login page that looks exactly like the genuine one.

When the users enter their login details they are immediately redirected to another bogus page where they are again asked to provide their email account password as well as personal information.

At the moment, there are several phishing scams active on Facebook. The “Attempts to Export Open graph File”, ‘Forbidden Content, and “Copyright Violations” Message are among the most dangerous ones. 


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