@ActiSec : Chinese Government Database hacked and Data Leaked for #OpChina

Well known @ActiSec group has hacked several Chinese government owned databases and leaked confidential credentials online in support of  #Opchina, operation that has been started to expose Chinese government and in support for freedom of speech for Chinese people. All the dumps belong to Chinese websites.

Hackers left following message on pastebin dumps:

Hello! This is activism security here for another release pertaining to #OpChina. Today we have 2 releases in one! So i hope you enjoy!

Who to follow on twitter:@Actisec @neur0xide @Tr3Axon @Muldaria48 #OpChina #EndCensorship

Full list of leaked data can be acquired from:



The leaked data belongs to www.meda.gov.cn (The Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee of  Mianyang City) and Peking university forums.pku.edu.cn. 

Most of the data contains emails, password hashes, username and other login details.

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