Man Charged with Animal Cruelty After Video Emerges on Facebook

A man is now in jail for having been part of a video that showed him abusing two dogs in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The video was uploaded on Facebook by another individual who retrieved the video from the girlfriend of the man in the video, now identified as Nicholas Snowden.

The video shows Snowden repeatedly abusing the dogs by slamming as well as attempting to strangle them. Snowden’s girlfriend stated that this was not the first time he had abused the three dogs, further adding that he had previously put one of the dogs under boiling water.

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Animal control officers came to know about the video on Facebook and contacted the uploader who gave them information about Snowden, who currently faces as much as 8 years behind bars for 4 counts of animal cruelty. In his defense, he has stated that the video made it look much worse than it actually was and that the angle was to blame. Snowden is now behind bars, with the bond set at $2500, reports KotaTV.

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This is not the first time when a Facebook video has saved a living being. In the past, a 28-year-old woman from Philippines who was working as a maid at a house in Bahrain used Facebook to spread the video message about herself, the way she was being treated and raped by her boss’s son.


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