#OpWorldCup: Anonymous Hacks Brazilian Govt, Police, Court, Globo TV and Cemig Telecom

Anonymous has fulfilled its promise of conducting cyber attacks on the government of Brazil during football World Cup.

Anonymous has come up with a massive breach of Brazil’s top most institutions in which emails, passwords and personal information has been leaked online.

All hacks and breaches were conducted under the banner of #OpMundial2014 #OpWorldCup #Freebrazil and #OpHackingCup.

Here is the complete list of institutions hacked and information being leaked by Anonymous.

1. Globo TV Brasil is among the top in the list which has its database breached and leaked by Anonymous Brasil. The leaked data contains search engine host details, 167 full names and emails of Globo’s journalists and other employees.

Anonymous left a message on dumped data in Portuguese, explaining the breach:

Portuguese text:

Apenas uma engenharia social que fizemos no site da globo onde obtem informaes dos possiveis funcionarios que se responsav is pelo site www.globo.com, essas informaes obtem Ip,Endereos,Emails entre outros No uma coisa que voc’s esperariam mas um bom adianto!

Translation in English:

As a social engineering on the globe where we get information from prospective employees who www.globo.com responsible for the site, this information site gets Ip Addresses, Emails among others. There is one thing that you would expect but it is a good go forward!

Globo TV’s leaked data is available here.

2. Second in the list is Brazilian government itself in which Anonymous has leaked names, emails and hash passwords of 450 Brazilian government employees.

The leaked data is available here.

3. This hack was conducted by Tunisian hackers in support of protests against the ongoing Brazilian world cup in which hackers claimed to hack and leak database of Cemig Telecom (Cemig Telecomunicaes S.A) Brazil. The dumped database contains more than 1000 names and emails belonging to company’s employees and customers.

A message on dumped data states that

Money And Corruption Are Ruining The Land, Crooked Politicians Betray The Working Man, Pocketing The Profits And Treating Us Like Sheep, And We’re Tired Of Hearing Promises That We Know They’ll Never Keep. >> Fuck Fifa & The Worldcup 2014. The Voice Of Brazilian People.

Cemig Telecom (Cemig Telecomunicaes S.A) Brazil’s data is available here and here.

4. Fourth in the list is Regional Electoral Court of the Amazon. In this breach, the hacker claims to leak emails and encrypted passwords of Tribunal Regional Eleitoral do Amazonas.

Dumps are available here.

5. This hack was conducted by Anonymous in whichPower Plants of Northern Brazil (Centrais Eltricas do Norte do Brasil S/A) was hacked, ending up with leaking names, emails and telephones of 3.4K users.

You can download the data from here.

6. Last but not the least. Anonymous claims to access the official portal of Federal police of Brazil. An inside screenshot of police portal is available below


Another paste contains links of all hacks and breaches.

A couple of days ago Anonymous took down two official websites of Military Police of Sao Paulo against the ongoing Football world cup in Brazil.

Stay with us as we will update you with each and every hack/breach conducted by Anonymous against the world cup.

Note: We at HackRead are not responsible for any leaked data nor we can assure the authenticity of this hack/data.

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