Anonymous Leaks Emails, Passwords of Baltimore Police Department

The online hacktivist Anonymous claims to leak emails and passwords of Baltimore Police Department (BPD) against the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African-American Baltimore resident who died on April 19, 2015, a week after being arrested by the BPD. 

On 2nd May 2015, one of the Twitter handle associated with Anonymous hacktivists leaked emails and IP addresses of workers at the Baltimore Police Department. The attack was conducted under the banner of #OpBaltimore.

The total number of leaked BDP emails was 61. All of the leaked emails were hosted on However, the passwords for these emails were not leaked in the first phase. 

In the second phase of cyberattack, Anonymous hacktivists leaked emails along with their clear text passwords of 7 Baltimore Police Department officials. One of the leaked email id and passwords belongs to Lisa Evans (a lead wellness manager) of the City of Baltimore website.

After scanning the leaked data, it was found legit and never been leaked before on the Internet. However, we are not sure if the passwords are correct or not.

Below is the tweets from Anonymous announcing the leak:

Anonymous is not alone in targeting Baltimore police department. On Saturday when Anonymous announced its #OpBaltimore, the HagashTeam hackers announced their cooperation with the hacktivist group.

Baltimore police should have expected us

Anonymous told HackRead that it will carry on conducting cyber attacks on police whenever they use their powers for a wrong reason.

Click here to access leaked data.

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