#OpUSA: Honolulu Police Department Breached, Login Info of Officials Leaked by X-Blackerz Inc

#OpUSA-Honolulu-Police-Department-Breached, Login-Info-of-Officials-Leaked-by X-BlackerzInc

#OpUSAA hacker going with the handle of X-Blackerz Inc has claimed to breached the server of Honolulu Police Department, as a result the login information of some officials and departments within the Honolulu Police Department have been leaked online few hours ago.

The hacker who claims the responsibility of the breach told me that this attack is for #OpUSA, the operation of hackers against the US’ government.

The leaked data contains 23 emails and their clear text passwords from different departments of the Honolulu Police, such as Honolulu Police Chiefs Office, fire department, community affairs and Special duty force.

Link of targeted domain:


Leaked data can be accessed on below mentioned Pastebin link:


It seems as if the hacker did not harmed the website but only accessed the server and leaked the data online.

The Honolulu Police Department (HPD) is the principal law enforcement agency of the City and County of Honolulu, Hawaii, headquartered in the Alapa’i Police Headquarters in Honolulu CDP, United States.

As far as I have checked, the leaked data is genuine and not available on the Internet other then the upload done by X-Blackerz Inc.

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